Metaphysical Tips to Sell Your House

You may be trying to sell a house and are feeling stuck. Try these unusual suggestions and you may find yourself packing your boxes sooner than later.

Feng Shui – Feng means wind and shui means water and although the definition is a complex one, the quick gist is that there must be balance within an environment. That balance is felt and if the energy is unaligned as buyers walk-through, they may not feel connected to the space.  There are Feng Shui experts with many professional organizers offering a Feng Shui consultation as part of their expertise.

Simplify – Simplify and un-clutter your space, including the space outside. Although you may love your collection of Beanie Babies on the living room shelf, it looks messy. And although you may not mind the chaos of the outside landscape, your potential buyers see it as work. Making your space look spa-like or upscale hotel-ish helps those walking through helps them visualize their own personal touches. And when they start planning their furniture and where to place their art on the wall, you are just about ready to reel them in. But they have to be able to see it. Simple is more.

Smudging – That argument you had with your teenage daughter. The hurt feelings you received when your best friend didn’t call you on your birthday. Or the stress you are having with your work. All of that junk that we carry around within us effects around us. Smudging is a Native American ritual, but it is a practice also used in the Catholic Church after services. Burning cedar and white sage, separate or together, and then saying a prayer or some statement asking that all negative energy leaves and then asking for positive energy to enter, helps to remove all the unwanted emotions that strangers can so often feel even more-so than those living there.

The Ceremony –

  1.  If you have the loose leaves and not the stick, place the leaves in a fireproof container.
  2.  Light the leaves with a lighter or match.
  3.  Blow out the flame so it is just smoking.
  4. Start on the west side of the room, at the furthest part of the house. If you have a basement. Start there. Then do the second floor if you have one and then the main floor. As you walk around with the smoldering herbs (also known as cleansing), walk clockwise around all 4 corners of the room. Make sure to open every closet and cabinet and waft the smoke in there too. Every nook and cranny should be cleansed.
  5. Say a prayer or statement while doing this. Whatever you are comfortable with. I tend to say The Lord’s Prayer and then I ask that all negative energy leave, positive energy comes bringing happiness, laughter and prosperity to all within the house and all who enter the house.
  6. After all is said and done, open the front door and whoosh the smoke outside – as if pushing out a person you don’t want any more in your house and say one last – All negative energy must leave and only positive energy stays, bringing happiness, laughter and prosperity.
  7. Dab some water on the leaves and discard when no longer burning.

MusicJust as I spoke of energy and vibration, music is one of the finest understandings of that. During house showings, turn on some upbeat and happy music for background music. Some like to put on Frank Sinatra or Hall & Oates or something universal.

Smells – Be careful of having overt smells as a buyer may think that you are trying to cover something up with that candle or plug-in. Many articles say to make coffee, bake bread or cookies or spray a bunch of scents, but in the end fresh and clean is much better than strong perfume.  

St. Joseph – The Patron Saint of Real Estate is known to help sell your house. Legend has it that if you bury a St. Joseph statue in your yard, head down, facing the direction you want to move, your home will sell more quickly. Some instructions say to bury him near the for sale sign or you can put him in a potted plant. After the sale, place Saint Joseph prominently in your house as a gesture of thanks, or pass him on to a family member or friend looking to sell. Work is never really done for the Patron Saint of Real Estate.

My father and I were having problems selling our house when I decided to buy one of these $10 Saint Joseph kits, but we got too busy and never even buried him, but instead had him sitting in the kitchen. A week later we decided to take the house off of the market, but a few days later there was a knock on the door. A lady inquired if we were willing to sell the house, of which we did. So, whether coincidence or not, I give my thanks to Saint Joseph and his work even when the house was off the market.

Cut Cords  + Visualize – Similar to the Smudging Ceremony, we so often root ourselves to locations and although you may want to move, your roots are so deeply placed that you may not even be aware that you cannot even visualize leaving that home. Spend some time in the quiet, in the house, and visualize roots underneath your home that are all connected to each individual that resides within the house. Visualize carefully cutting those roots to replant somewhere else. Once you cut the roots in your mind’s eye, visualize planting them in the location that you want to go to.

Choose the Right Realtor – Now it makes sense that you want a real estate agent who knows what they are doing, but do you vibe? Is this person listening to you, your suggestions and answering your questions? Do you feel intimidated by this person or do you feel comfortable with them? Trust your gut instinct. Just because they have the certification doesn’t mean that they are the right Realtor for you.

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