Peddle Your Bicycle

“I am officially done. Done, done, done!” Michael said, bowing his head in frustration.The last year for Michael had been challenging to say the least. After twelve years at the same company, he had to take a pay decrease in order to keep his job, his wife was ready to leave him and every single passion that he once had were all but forgotten. He woke up, went to a job that he was now completely bitter about, ate dinner in quiet without sharing his day with his wife, went to bed, and repeated the same the very next day.“I just want someone to fix my mess!” Michael added, looking me in the eye.“So you want someone to peddle your bike for you?” I asked.

Michael scowled at me. “Not exactly…I just want someone to fix it all.”

“And is that realistic?”

He sighed heavily and shook his head no.

“And even if someone were peddling your bike, you would still need to give them directions or else you would continue to be at a standstill, or worse, lose your balance and fall.”

“I am already on the ground, Kristy. I have fallen so many times. So I can’t have a life chauffeur?”

“No, but I can be your soul chauffeur so that you have energy to peddle your bike again!”


Live Consciously and Find Your Inspiration or Passion

Divide your life into categories – Health, Money/Finances, Work/Career, Relationships and Interests and then write down five (5) things within each category that you would like to change and why. Then put a suggestion as to how that can happen.


Zoom out to see if the things that you are focusing on are worth zooming in on.

Create a Mantra

A mantra is a word or phrase repeated over and over again that will help you stay focused. Michael chose – “Drive your dreams!”

Stop the Comparisons

Your journey is different than your sibling’s journey and is different than your cubicle mate’s journey and so on.

Spend Time Doing Rather than Wishing

Even if it is just one little thing each day, those small steps will turn into larger ones in time.

Remember your Successes

If you are constantly looking at your failures then you will continue to fail, or think yourself a failure.

Speak Up, not Shut Down

Share your insecurities, failures, sadness along with your goals and dreams with someone close to you. For Michael that was his wife. She thought that he just didn’t care about her or the kids anymore, when really that was the opposite of what he was feeling inside. He thought he had let them down. Speaking up and having someone there to cheer you on and maybe even help with that extra push when you feel that you can’t keep peddling is very beneficial. If you don’t have anyone, social media is a great place to find a friend!

Stay Accountable

Sometimes having a Dream Partner or a Life Coach helps you stay accountable and on track.


It was a good seven months after our appointment when Michael emailed me. He had done his soul work and had drastically made changes (for the better) in his life and felt as if he were confidently peddling his own bike. It was slow, but it was going in the direction that he wanted it to go. He said that he still fell time to time, but as the old saying goes, you never forget to ride a bike. But you do need to get on it and start peddling before that can be tested.


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