New Moon, Mercury Retrograde and the Past

New Moon, Mercury Retrograde and the Past August 31, 2016

igiveThursday, September 1st at 5:03 AM ET we welcome in the New Moon in the astrological sign of VIRGO. You’ve more than likely felt the energy over the last few days, though. This energy might’ve made you feel sad, depressed, frustrated, or it might’ve energized you into action – it’s an all over the place kind of energy that will have everyone confused.

The New Moon is it a good time for beginnings. Create intentions for how you want to feel this month and begin any projects. The work you do in the first quarter of the moon will set the course for the rest of your month. Listen to the whispers of your heart.

What to watch for during the next couple days:

  • Virgos tend to be perfectionists and so this energy very well may bring out some frustration.
  • Virgos are service oriented and are naturally helpful and so you might feel a burst of energy.
  • Security and loyalty is important during this time.
  • Lack of communication is often felt during this time – with Mercury Retrograde this makes it double bad.
  • You and others may very well be more sarcastic, which could lead to misunderstandings.
  • Since this moon is in Virgo, you may feel frustrated, stressed and you may second guess yourself. It would do you good to push that aside.
  • This is a good couple days to clean the house, declutter the closets and most of all wash the cobwebs from your wishes and dreams.

What were you doing 19 years ago? This will have a huge impact on your learning curve for this period of time.

Soul Work:

1. Hand write up to 10 wishes down in a journal.

2. New Moon Check – within 24 hours after a New Moon – take a check (or print one out on the computer) and write your name on the Pay To line. In the little box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write “Paid in full.” On the line underneath your name, where you would write out a dollar amount, write “Paid in full.” Don’t put the squiggly line after it – some say this takes away from the wish. Sign the check: “The Law of Abundance” Under the signature line, write “Thank You” or “So Be It” or whatever gratitude you feel. Leave the date blank. Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there. I keep in in my journal and staple it to my wishes/dreams. Some people like to sign the back of the check as if you are cashing it in. newmooncheck

And Mercury Retrograde to boot?

Mercury Retrograde occurs three times a year, and lasts for several weeks during each time period. It is said that Mercury Retrograde goes backwards, or takes a vacation. Mercury is ruled by communication, so anything with communication, contracts and legal obligations can and often does go haywire.

The easiest way to deal with Mercury Retrograde is to think of it as a ‘re’ time. Meaning, it is time to renovate, renew, revise, return, revisit, refinance, renegotiate, review, etc. When buying things during this time, they often work for a short period and then break. When getting a job at this time, it is often short term (it doesn’t mean you get fired, it can also mean you get promoted!). When purchasing a house or a big ticket item, be prepared for issues. To put it in a nutshell, it isn’t a great time to make big changes, huge commitments, or have ‘the talk’ with a romantic partner. Instead is a time to look in the past (review) at what you need to let go of, it can be material or emotional, and correct it for a better future. Sort of like set up for the party, but don’t invite anybody yet. It isn’t a grand time to start anything new, unless it is something you can say you are re-newing.

People like to make excuses. Whether a full moon making them crazy, Mercury Retrograde creating an ornery feeling because nobody understands one another, or the so-called ascension that light workers are experiencing. I admit it, sometimes I blame the moon and stars (and planets) too. I like explanations and if I can look at the celestial, which cannot bite back (or can it?) and point my finger, it sometimes makes me feel better. Look at it from a realistic standpoint too, though. Sometimes it just is what it is and poor Mercury needs a break too!

So, how do you handle the next three weeks? Carefully. You may talk, and feel as if nobody is listening. Think Charlie Brown’s teacher. People may be more spacey. Your, and others, energy may be a bit more lazy. And if you are traveling, you may have more issues with the car, train, or plane. Instead of cringing, sighing and whining, Mercury Retrograde teaches us patience. Sometimes I think all of us have lost as our world has gotten so complicated and electronically driven. So when you told your kid to do something twenty times instead of the normal ten times, and it still isn’t done – take some deep breathes and repeat (see the ‘re’) a different way. If you haven’t heard from that job you applied for, submit your resumes to different places, but know that after this period they may review your application and give you a call.

It does ask for you to look in the mirror at yourself, pulling out the rearview mirror even, and seeing what demons you have carried with you through the years – and then doing an exorcism. We all need practice in patience and although most of us all hate lessons, this is one you don’t need to study for.  Release and grow.

Be careful to not lose sight of what you want by looking at all that you don’t have. And so let it be!


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