Upcoming October Events

kristy round (1)Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, October 3rd @ 7 PM – Salem-South Lyon Library – The Haunted (FREE)
Wednesday, October 4th – Small Gallery (Sold Out)
Thursday, October 5th @ 6 PM – Westland Library – The Haunted (FREE)
Tuesday, October 10th @ 6 PM – Allen Park Library – Messages from the Afterlife (FREE)
Wednesday, October 11th @ 8 pm – Shelby Township Library – The In Betweens (FREE)
Thursday, October 12th @ 6 PM – Hamlin Pub (TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE) – Dinner with the Spirits
Friday, October 13th @ 7 PM – Historic Howell Theater (TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE) – A Vision of Murder
Most of the libraries require registration. Tickets or more information is available at www.kristyrobinett.com
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