Vintage Goods and Ghosts Part 2

Bobbie wore her hair brown hair pinned back. Her charcoal colored dress was loose fitting around her petite structure and she looked even more drowned out by the black cardigan sweater belted around her waist. READ PART 1 HERE. “Do you know where you are?” I asked her. Her hazel eyes wide, and a bit [Read More…]

Vintage Goods and Ghosts

I love the vintage (farmhouse) design, but being an empath I have a hard time going to salvage and antique shops. Just entering a shop that holds items owned by others, attending estate sales or yard sales would leave me overwhelmed and sad. There have been times, even before walking in the door, I’ve felt [Read More…]

The Shack Movie Review

I read The Shack in just one sitting soon after it was released. With mystery, spirituality, and philosophy, it was a book that made me ponder life and the afterlife well after I finished the last chapter.  They say never to judge a movie by the book, so I went into the movie with an [Read More…]

Anxious Energy

The energy over the last couple days has been interesting. If you’ve felt a sudden sadness and self disappointment then you may be more aligned with this energy. If you’ve been feeling angry, feeling that you need to get moving in your destined destination, feeling anxious and impatient over where you are and where you [Read More…]

Love From Heaven

Today is my mom’s birthday. Or should I say was her birthdate since she is in Heaven now.  We would be celebrating her 80 earthly years, but instead we seem to focus more on the 11 heaven years more intently. I, however, do believe that they celebrate their birthdate and their crossing-date, equally. Although we [Read More…]