No Strings On Me

“You’re way too sensitive,” he told me. “If you were only stronger. If you had thicker skin. If you were…” “Someone other than me,” I replied with tears rolling down my cheek. The same tears that angered him. The same tears that made him think I was weak. The fact was I felt everything. I [Read More…]

Wishing You a Lovely Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be painful for many. It’s a painful reminder to those who don’t have their mom in the physical. It’s a painful reminder for those who tried to become a mom, or who wanted to become a mom but didn’t have the partner or right partner for it. It’s a painful reminder for [Read More…]

Country Living – Ups, Downs and Raccoon

The last week of September 2016 my family and I moved to rural Michigan. It was a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl. I grew up in Detroit and then lived most all of my life in the suburbs of Detroit, just a few miles from freeways and blocks from convenience [Read More…]

Connecting To The Future

“I don’t want to know my future,” my client said to me, picking up a crystal on my side table and rubbing it gently. “And I don’t want to interrupt my people on the Other Side, if this gets them into trouble.” Her friend sat on the couch next to her and laughed. “Cheryl, you [Read More…]

Flower Moon

  The full moon on May 10, 2017 – 05:42 pm ET, which appears in the sign of Scorpio and is bound to bring up some heightened emotions. The FLOWER moon can bring about anxiety, arguments and a short temper for the next 48 hours. Betrayals and hurt feelings from those close around you may surprise [Read More…]

May Intuition – Choose a Card

Below are 5 cards from the The Good Tarot. The backs are all the same, but by using your intuition choose one of the cards that calls most to you. Take a deep breathe in and out. Don’t second guess yourself – just choose. Did you choose? . . Your cards are: If you chose #1 [Read More…]

White Light of Protection- Shields Up

Before every paranormal investigation I pray. Before going into a cemetery, whether for an investigation or to care for a loved one’s grave, I pray. Before going into a hospital or funeral home, I pray. It isn’t obvious, you can do it in your head, although I wouldn’t care if it was. But it can [Read More…]

Heaven Scent

I grew up on a street in Detroit that was dotted with lilac bushes. When spring sprung white, purple, and pink lilacs burst through and scented the air with their sweet fragrance. To this day lilacs are still a favorite of mine, and often a reminder of my mom, now passed away. We moved into our new [Read More…]

Final Chapter or New Beginning; Suicidal Thoughts

Packing boxes isn’t ever fun, but we were thrilled to be moving so we tried to make it as fun as we could. I’ve never been one to have someone else do it, the strong willed Scorpio that I am. So I packed, lifted heavy boxes, moved heavy boxes, and tried to do my part. [Read More…]

New Moon Choices

Today’s Energy – On Wednesday, April 26, 8:16 am – EDST we welcome the New Moon in the sign of TAURUS. Taurus energy is all about hard work and reliability. This energy takes work, financial situations and life very seriously and puts a lot of pressure on themselves. This energy likes the nicer things in [Read More…]