Goddess Murder, 34: Aradia’s Second Revelation Discourse

XXXVIII. The Second Revelation Discourse

[An excerpt from The Gospel of Diana as translated by A. Verrazano and A. Peregrino. The committee thinks that this speech has been added to by the final auther, whom Professor Verrazano has labelled the “Ultimate Diana.”]

 “The goal of humans is perpetual experience of divine joy. Humans are divine, but also deluded. Your divine nature is hidden from you by your ignorance. Your first task is to real­ize your divinity. The black priests tell you that you sin if you think you are a god. I say they lie, for they lose their power over anyone who comes to know her own true nature.

“They lie when they say that divine love and human love are different, that the love of the Gods is not sexual. When you wake, you will perceive that there is no difference between the human and the divine. In the same way, there is no difference between spirit and flesh, be­tween sacred and profane, between holy and unholy, for we are all one flesh of one Goddess, and all flesh shall see Her salvation. Hence all that seems opposed can be united, not only in the spirit, but also in the flesh, not only poetically, but actually.

“Your body does not symbolize the Goddess: your body is the Goddess. Although we seem to be many bodies, we are the one body of the One Goddess. We are Her members, for through us She acts in this world. We are Her hands, by which She touches us. We are Her feet, by which She walks among us. We are Her mouth, through which She speaks to us. And we are Her vagina, by which She blesses us and pleasures us.

“The male seeks the female, to become one with her, just as the deluded soul seeks for truth. These are not two different seekings, but one. The apparent duality of things must be destroyed before we can perceive the true and ultimate unity. The search for ecstasy, the search for knowledge of Diana, is the search for knowledge of the truth.

“The joy, ecstasy, freedom, transfiguration of sex is the way to the ultimate union of flesh and spirit, of human and divine. It is in you that the Gods themselves exult: your joy is their joy; your pleasure is their pleasure. This is the will of the Goddess: rejoice in making love! Possess your vessel, your body, in sanctification and honor, in the longing of concupiscence, even as Witches who know the Goddess.

“To know what is true from what is false, you must know the Light of the Gods. If you look outward for the Light, you see only the spheres of the angels, who wish to keep the Light hidden from you. Instead, seek within yourself to dis­cover the Goddess, whose divinity is expressed only through you. When the Goddess grants Her grace to any person, She teaches from within the self, for Reason is the Goddess, a voice speaking softly in everyone.

“Witches are made immortal by the true initiation; it is they who will rise through the spiral of life and death and rebirth, to live forever in the ecstasy of Her reign. To dwell in the realm of the Goddess, each soul must be reborn until it has gained all knowledge in Heaven and Earth. Explore whatever the angels forbid, for what they would keep hidden from humanity is what you need to know in order to achieve your immortality.

“You are the Gods. You are the light of the world. Hear me again: the Witches are the Gods. There are no others. Waken to your own divinity, and you will be resurrected as a spiritual being, a denizen of heaven on earth.  Behold! there are many Gods, and many sorts of heaven; yet they are all the one Goddess. A man who knows the Goddess is himself a God, and shall have drunk from Her inner­most secrets.

“The angels aim to prevent man and woman from making love, for they hate love and sex and try to make it as difficult as possible. Every rule, every law, every custom that restrains our freedom to love is a brick in the walls of Bedlam, a demon that possesses us and drives us toward madness. As long as you love, you may do as you like; any law that restricts love in any way is the first step toward tyranny and slavery.”

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