Autobiography by Email: More from Demian Allan Moonbloode

I have been a wytch since I was 14 years old. I was searching for the wytches I saw in the magazine [Look] in the early 70s. Through Seph I found them in 1974 at the Yule Sabbat, [and] by the end of 1975, I was in Isis Rising, where I was initiated as a White Cord. Read more

In Memory of Allan Lowe / Demian Moonbloode

Artemisia phoned me yesterday morning to let me know that Allan had passed over, because, she said, I was one of the rather few people he considered a friend and had asked her to call. Since his health had been declining for years, this was not a surprise, but it was nevertheless sad. Allan had sent me a memoir to be used in my Hippie Commie social history of the NROOGD. In it he said that he had seen the… Read more

Goddess Murder, 18: The Contention of Mary and Saul

XX. From The Acts of Mary [Excerpts from The Acts of Mary as translated by C.T. Edwards, A. Healy, L. Moresco, and S. Weiss] My husband, Joshua, was not the most handsome man I had ever seen, but the power of his personality made up for that. He radiated confidence, joy, safety. We knew he was a true prophet who spoke with the voice of God. All men and women who heard him wanted to follow him, just to be near him, but… Read more

Goddess Murder, 17: Eddie’s First Circle

XIX. First Circle   Going Skyclad Of course the first thing I want to do With a naked woman is [seduce] her, But once that’s out of the way, The tension dissolved, We can turn to other work.   God, if this world were truly human, We’d all just go to bed together Whenever we felt like it and wonder How people could think it normal To suffer continual raging thirst.     I arrived at Brendan and Megan’s at… Read more

The Ocean Level and World Temperature Have Been Rising for 20,000 Years.

All our major coastal cities will eventually be flooded. New York’s subways flooded not only because of Sandy, but because the ocean level is a foot higher than when the subways were built. One can estimate that, at two feet per century, most of Manhattan will be submerged in about 1000 years. What is the long-term solution? Read more

Goddess Murder, 16: The Preaching of Mary

XVIII. From the Acts of Mary [An excerpt from The Acts of Mary as translated byC.T. Edwards,  A. Healey,  L. Moresco, and S. Weiss] Chapter V.  On one day a man in the crowd called out to me, “What about divorce? Did your Mashiach allow divorce?” I replied, “Why do you ask about divorce? Why do you not ask about marriage? Great is the mystery of marriage. Without marriage, the world would not exist. Do you not know that the… Read more

Goddess Murder, 15: The Next Chapter and Editorial Remarks

XVII. Tighter Security Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained; and the restrainer or reason usurps its place and governs the unwilling. And being restrained, it by degrees becomes passive, until it is only the shadow of desire. William Blake “Hello.’ “Hey, Bill, it’s Eddie.” “What’s up” “Could you meet me at the GESW admin building? Quickly” “Why?” “I just came from Brendan’s, heard from Alan about the breakin at his office. If… Read more

Goddess Murder, 14: The Beginning of The Acts of Mary

XVI. Return to Jerusalem  [From The Acts of Mary as translated by C.T. Edwards, A. Healy, L. Moresco, and S. Wise. The committee did not have this manuscript at the time of the events recounted herein, but we believe it and some others later made available should be included here to make the history clearer.]  I.  After Joshua had ascended to his Father, we returned from Galilee to Jerusalem. As we entered the city, we remembered how he had ridden… Read more

Goddess Murder, 13: The Other Two Gospels

XV. The Work Continues, 4   As the caterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys. William Blake “Seamus, what can you tell us about this Gaelic gospel?” I asked. “It is a translation of a gospel originally composed in Greek,” Seamus replied. “I’m not as familiar with all the Gnostic writings as some of you, but the story told here goes back to the era of Jesus,… Read more

Goddess Murder, 12: Awakening

XIV. Awakening [From The Gospel According to Mary, as translated by C.T. Edwards, A. Healy, L. Moresco, and S. Wise] As I stood praying, I heard a voice say, “Mary.” I looked up and saw an angel, blazing with light. But then I recognized him. I cried out “Rabbouni!” and fainted at his feet. He reached down with his right hand and raised me up, saying, “Do not be afraid, my beloved. I have awakened from among those who sleep…. Read more

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