Minnesota: Triskellion Wicca

Triskellion is a tradition that incorporates classical Wiccan (Gardnerian and Alexandrian) theology with magical discipline. It was founded in 1977 by Ken and Elizabeth McCaskie, known as Ken Ra and Lady Delthea. At least seven covens have descended from it. Ken Ra relates that he is a descendant of a Scottish Pagan and priestly lineage [Read More…]

The Word Creates the Thing It Names

Not ex nihilo, out of nothingness, For nothingness does not exist. The word selects what adds up to a name From all the possibilities we might perceive. We see what we name; the name comes first.                         Truth bore names into our world for love of us,                        Because we cannot learn it without [Read More…]

New York Gardnerians: Judith Harrow (1946-2014)[1]

At Samhain 1976, Judy Harrow attended her first Wiccan circle and knew that she had found what she had been looking for all her life. She joined Margot Adler’s study group, about which she has written,[2] My “Gardnerian” training was unique, especially for its time. Not just unique among Gardnerians, unique among Wiccans. By the [Read More…]

Nihil Humanum

[ I should note that this is from 1997, at the worst of my illness.]    Seven red temptations have I felt: Of seductive bitterness at the edge Where I begin to descend into clinging Fog, turning light grey, dark grey, black.   Of relief as I return to my sweet abuser.   Of the [Read More…]


In the holy of holies The boy from the hearth Has already drunk the juice From her sacred poppies. He is not afraid As he is swung through the fire That can be seen from miles away. When the swing returns, On it is a black ram. On its fleece the initiates Will stand next [Read More…]


As his right arm supports me, I hold his left arm with both hands. Gently he lowers me Back, down, beneath the surface.   In the water, undeceived, From the angels’ bonds relieved, I by mercy now reprieved From the cell where first Eve fell. All of Heaven in me dwells. I know the Wisdom [Read More…]

New York: Blue Star Tradition

The early days of the Blue Star tradition. [Read more…]

The Necessity of Dreaming

I have told the artists in my classes My self is not a mountain peak; It is a floating island. When I fall asleep, it sinks beneath The surface of the infinitely Compassionate water.   Mermaids in their denim overalls Swim through the passageways, Adjusting dials and gauges, Filling tanks, and singing, each to each, [Read More…]

The Allegory of the Diamond

But this is not about pyramids,hexagons, the hardness of diamonds, it is about understanding the Gods. [Read more…]

OH to NY to AL: Claude Lawrence Cornett

Larry Cornett has worked tirelessly on and for the Craft for almost 40 years. The story of his work, spread over at least four states, stitches together many strands of the tapestry, yet he has never received nor, I think, wanted any great measure of public acclaim. Here is the beginning of the story he [Read More…]