Why We Must Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

As Scott Peck argued, evil is a mental illness. It could conceivably be cured and eradicated. And that should be a goal of any and all genuine religions. Read more

Goddess Murder, 11: Aphrodiphobia

XIII. The Work Continues, 3 Andy spoke up. “What you’re saying, Alan, is that even the most fundamental Christian beliefs have been corrupted by Aphrodiphobia.” Everyone looked at her in surprise. I hesitated, then said, “I’m sorry, Andrea. The what?” “Aphrodiphobia. It’s a term I coined. Of course you haven’t heard it.” “Fear of Aphrodite?” Les asked cautiously. “No, fear of sex,” Andy replied. “Are you all familiar with the work of Wilhelm Reich?” Megan looked appraisingly around the room…. Read more

Deity Is Also Outside the Circle

I had been assuming that, if I were not in circle, the Gods would not bother me—but I could no longer assume that. The Goddess was and is just as effective as any other aspect of divinity for keeping me sober, as long as I am always aware of Her presence. Read more

Goddess Murder, 10: Dinner

XII. Dinner [From The Gospel According to Mary, as translated by C.T. Edwards, A. Healy, L. Moresco, and S. Wise] One evening we were invited to dinner by Salome, who had known Joshua for many years, but had not seen him since his baptism by John. During the dinner, she turned to him and said, “Sir, who are you now? You have climbed into my bed and eaten from my table, but now you act as if you are someone… Read more

Goddess Murder, 9: More Discussion of the Gospels

Megan asked, “Don’t most people believe he could be the Messiah only because he was untainted by sexuality, because of the Virgin Birth?” “I’m afraid they do believe that,“ Alan said, “but that’s bad theology. To equate sex with sin, to believe that sex is inherently sinful, is not Christianity; it’s Manichaeism.” Read more

All Humans (and Many of the Gods) Are Bi

In Periclean Athens, about 10 percent of the men were strictly gay, as now. Another 10 percent (more or less) were strictly heterosexual. But the other 80 percent were bisexual. Read more

Goddess Murder, 8: Wedding

X. Wedding [From The Gospel According to Mary, as translated by C.T. Edwards, A. Healy, L. Moresco, and S. Wise] Our Rabbi loved my family in Bethany, my brother Lazarus, my sister Martha, and myself. It happened that Lazarus became extremely ill, and Martha and I sent word to Joshua about our brother’s illness. When Joshua came to Bethany, one of his students came to me secretly and said, “The Rabbi has come and calls for you.” I arose quickly… Read more

On Not Buying into Ancient Propaganda

In this passage from Epiphanius, we see that a young woman explained her sincere beliefs to the young doofus and offered to initiate him (or maybe work sex magic, or maybe just have sex as an act of worship), and, being a devout heretic, he turned her down! We have a moral responsibility to read these ancient documents and revise our map of what Christianity was all about. Read more

Goddess Murder, 7: Talking About Gnostic Gospels

IX. The Work Continues “Okay,” I said. “Has everyone here had a chance to read everybody’s rough drafts?” Some but not all hands went up “Not most of my people,” Megan said. “As courtesy we should at least summarize what we’re looking at,” I said. “Two of these are probably, at least in general, what we classify as Gnostic or apocryphal gospels, but a gospel for witches is almost unprecedented. Before we go riding in among the trees, can anyone… Read more

Goddess Murder, 6: Beginning the Gospel of Mary

VIII. The Beginning of the Gospel According to Mary [Excerpt from the translation by C.T. Edwards, A. Healy, L. Moresco, and S. Wise] I, Mariamne, wife and apostle to Joshua, Mashiach by the grace of our Father and Mother in Heaven, to my beloved daughter, Sarah. This is the testament you and the others have asked me for, that my memories of your father, the Mashiach of our people, should not be lost and that his own teachings not be… Read more

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