14. I think all prophets must be reprobates, since anyone bound by ordinary rules could never do something so extraordinary as founding a genuinely new religion. Read more

I received a few days ago my monthly statistical report from Patheos on how many hits I received last month, total, per day, per blog, etc. It was interesting to see that the greatest number of hits were on two blogs: “On Jesus as a Gnostic” and “Some New Pages for the Book of Shadows.” Read more

A dialog about whether the Gods are infinite or not often begins with “Gerald Gardner wrote that the Gods of the Wica are ‘little gods.’” Yes, he did, but he was not very interested in abstract theology. Read more

Since the Boston bombing, the newscasters have talked nonstop and nonsense about Muslims, saying nothing positive. Newscasters and all others who have not read the Qu’ran, who do not know what the Five Pillars are, and who badmouth Muslims and Islam are speaking out of ignorance and bigotry. They deserve being told to shut their mouths. Read more

“Tripartite Anthropology” is a standard, although pompous, name for the concept held by the pre-Socratic philosophers 2500 years ago (and no doubt by people  long before then) that humans consist of body, soul, and spirit. Using those terms now is as inadequate for our times as using Empedocles’ four-element model would be for doing chemistry. We do have a physical body, obviously. The problem is with the other two terms.  People now use the terms “soul” and “spirit” more or… Read more

 In order to explain my theories about the nature of consciousness, I need to first relate how I became convinced that our minds have talents that cannot be explained in the Newtonian universe that most of us live in in our daily lives. I have no natural talent for being psychically sensitive. Instead, like most chronic depressives, I early on learned to ignore all my feelings in order to get on with each day’s business, and those feelings included any… Read more

Every key insight of the many religions is true: Change how you think, and you will be in the presence of God. Read more

[Yes, this is the third and last part, for now.] 9. You must not betray the secrets that cannot be told. This Law addresses the Arrheta. Insofar as Craft Laws are simply observations of how psychic reality works (and it is for that, really, that we should value them), then they are “self-enforcing” like any other statement of fact.  So what this law means is: (a) Never give anyone power of life and death over you; (b) Don’t violate your… Read more

Information on magic, psychic talents, and necessary precursors for a successful magical working group. Read more

In the early 1970s I wrote a series of “Flying Scrolls” for internal use in the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn. I chose to call them Aporrhetons, meaning “not to be spoken.” Read more

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