[Yes, this is the third and last part, for now.] 9. You must not betray the secrets that cannot be told. This Law addresses the Arrheta. Insofar as Craft Laws are simply observations of how psychic reality works (and it is for that, really, that we should value them), then they are “self-enforcing” like any other statement of fact.  So what this law means is: (a) Never give anyone power of life and death over you; (b) Don’t violate your… Read more

Information on magic, psychic talents, and necessary precursors for a successful magical working group. Read more

In the early 1970s I wrote a series of “Flying Scrolls” for internal use in the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn. I chose to call them Aporrhetons, meaning “not to be spoken.” Read more

Even in my forties, I still learned things by talking with my mother. On her sixty-fourth birthday, I asked her, “About your father.  What did he feel, believe, do?” “He came to Mass, stood in back, helped to collect the money, and especially he liked Mary.” “But did he think he was Jewish?” “Why, yes, of course. All the Scheers had converted in Germany, but only because they had to. Over here they could choose what to be.” “Then they… Read more

As Aidan Kelly pores through his decades-long chronological files, thoughts about Alan Watts, J.B. Phillips, and Amit Goswami. Read more

A Daily Litany for the Lady. To be said at sunrise, or on rising in the morning: ‘Lady of the Lightning sky, Lady of the Newborn Sun, flood your light into our lives, and let this day be well-begun.’ Read more

 Why write about him at all? Because, like it or not, he is the protagonist in the story of Western civilization. You know about him; you have a theory about him, even if it’s that you should ignore him. But, as with most topics, it’s better to be well-informed than to be ignorant. Before 1945, the few people interested in the Gnostics generally thought they were heretical interlopers whose teachings had nothing to do with the genuine Christian message. The… Read more

I have settled on the term Awakening as the best label so far for this sort of experience, which has been variously called Mystic, Conversion, Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment, etc., all of which are misleading. Awakening is a neutral term; the experience does feel like waking from sleep; and, more importantly, that is the term used for it in both the New Testament and the Gnostic writings. Read more

When the ecstasy hit, I gasped and looked up at the ceiling above my desk, where a circle of intense light filled my field of vision. I was hearing a voice that poured information into me too fast for words to form. My body felt light, as if I were floating, as if all the blackness within me had sublimed, in the chemical sense of passing directly from a solid state to a gaseous one. Read more

After the second Pagan Ecumenical Council meeting in June 1974, Gwydion and I continued to discuss the problem of how to organize a “church” for Witches, now that we had a reason not to have to include Pagans in general. In a way, it was like trying to set up an organization for anarchists—so that one could be the Anarch. There were already organizations whose members were individual Witches, but these were not meeting the need. Most Witches at that… Read more

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