In discussing the first Pagan Ecumenical Council meeting afterward, Gwydion, Alison, I and several others realized that we had not arrived at a specific proposal for an organizational structure because, in fact, the Pagan groups represented at the meeting did not have enough common ground to define any goals or structures. Read more

No one can be absolutely objective about religion, because every person must have a set of values that enable one to make life decisions. Those values always serve as the equivalent of a religion, no matter what they are called. Read more

He never wants to fall in love; it’s just / That every once in a while She walks / Into his life, grows wings, bursts / Into flame, and then he knows / It’s Her, and he must love / As long as She decides to stay, / Whether a year, or just today. Read more

As I mentioned, many important changes took place in 1973 within at least half a dozen different Traditions. I’m starting with events in California in the mid-1970s, not because they were the only developments at that time, but they turned out to have national implications. Read more

A request for positive reviews of this blog, and some previews of upcoming posts. Read more

The passion of the Gods is not a calm and boring bliss. It is a sensual riot. The Gods do not dwell elsewhere, in the sky, in another, nonphysical universe, at some other time or place. They are always here among us, in the only universe there is. Read more

Artists sleep with their models and paint / Their lovers, fall in love and fall again. / Women are always in their lives. / Art needs love, as life needs rain. Read more

My loyal readers may have noticed that I like William Blake a lot. In his first major collection, the Songs of Innocence and Experience, each poem about Innocence is paired with one about Experience. His best-known poem, The Tyger, is paired with one about a lamb. Read more

What existed before the beginning? “Before” and “beginning” are irrelevant. Time is not primordial, nor is space or matter or energy. Read more

Having been working (for a long time) on a novel about the same alternative universe as in my Goddess Murder, I have been looking for books on Mary Magdalene, the Gnostics, and suchlike. Recently I found Secrets of Mary Magdalene. Don’t be put off by the title. It is a well-balanced anthology of interviews with and essays by the leading scholars, largely women, of Gnosticism, early Christianity, and related fields, and by women novelists, not the hack writers whose forgettable… Read more

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