Turning Point, Part III

[This is Part III of the first chapter of my autobiography. You do need to read the first two parts in order to follow the plot here.]From 1974 to 1976, I freelanced almost fulltime for Freeman. But then, in late 1976, when Gunder Hefta, my good friend from the poetry program at San Francisco State, who had become Managing Editor after John retired, decided to move on, the Germans sent Elaine (we have completed that loop), with orders to cut loose all those uppity editors with ridiculously … [Read more...]

Turning Point, Part II

[This continues the first chapter of my autobiography. If you have not read the first installment, posted yesterday, you do need to in order to follow the story here.]After I had graduated with my M.A. in Poetry from San Francisco State in June of 1968, I went to John Gildersleeve, then the Managing Editor at W. H. Freeman and Co., for whom I had done some freelance editing, and asked if he had an opening for me.“Ordinarily I wouldn’t,” he said, “but there is a possibility.”So, becaus … [Read more...]

Turning Point, Part I

[This is how my autobiography will begin. It took quite a while to realize that, rather than hiding the events of that, my own personal 9/11, that was the day I need to begin from. This is all very personal. I am taking inspiration from Star’s courage and honesty to tell the truth about myself. I don’t care whether it is what you want to hear.]On the evening of Saturday, September 11th, 1976, I was attending a meeting—at Lydia’s home in the Richmond district of San Francisco—of the local coun … [Read more...]

Aeolian Transformations II

4. LovesongI don't wonder some blamed you For coming to me when you shouldn't. We walked everywhere together, To hills, streams, holy places Where we talked alone among Spring choirs. But can any girl Stay long or far from the woman she loves?Soft girl I was all apart from, You came to my house again and sang To me; so I have come, and waited For you, woman wanderer like me, Beneath the laurels, and when you came, So quiet I hardly heard you, Sudden beauty of your moving … [Read more...]

AEolian Transformations

[I guess trying to put my almanac project on this blog wasn't a great idea. It actually just slows me down, since I have to construct it before I can put up a blog that's all ready to go. So I'll quit that. I haven't had any comments on it from anybody anyway, so perhaps it won't be missed.]One day in January 1966, it popped into my head that something useful might be done with the fragments of Sappho's poems. I was working at Stanford University Press at the time; so, although I did not … [Read more...]

A National Church for Witches: A Brief History of COG, Part II

A Pagan Almanac for August 12, 2012Lunar Cycle: Day 6 of the waning MoonRome: Feast of the Invincible HerculesAthens: Hekatombaion 26. The Panathenaea continuesPassed over on this day in 2010: Isaac BonewitsWilliam Blake wrote: The worship of God is: Honouring his gifts in other men, each according to his genius, and loving the greatest men best: those who envy or calumniate great men hate God; for there is no other … [Read more...]

A National Church for Witches: A Brief History of the Covenant of the Goddess

A Pagan Almanac for August 9-11, 2012 Lunar Cycle: Days 9 to 7 of the waning Moon Athens: Hekatombaion 22 t0 23: The Panathenaea continues Martyred on August 9, 1630: Marion Hardie of Aberdeen August 9, 1664: Elisabeth de Grutere, Ghent August 11, 1679: Melchior Waltisbien, Carl Pfister, and Johann Casper Plum of Meranin They died in our name. Let us remember theirs.William Blake wrote: Each Man is in his Spectre’ Power Untill the arrival of that hour, When his Humanity a … [Read more...]

A New Ballad of Thomas the Rhymer

A Pagan Almanac for August 7 & 8, 2012Lunar Cycle: Tenth day of the full Moon Tenth day of the waning Moon (this is how the Athenians did it; since the Moon was waning, they counted down. Perfectly logical.)Athens: Hekatombaion 20 Hekatombaion 21: The Great Festival of Athena beginsMartyred on August 7, 1661: Margaret Bryson and Elspeth Blackie of Edinburgh.They died in our name. Let us remember theirsWilliam Blake wrote: As all men are alike in outward form, so (and … [Read more...]

“Notes Toward the Possibility of Founding a New Religion”

A Pagan Almanac for August 5 and 6, 2012Lunar Cycle: Days 8 and 9 of the full MoonTrees: First day of the HazelRome: August 5, NonesAthens: Hekatombaion 18 Hekatombaion 19William Blake wrote:An Ancient ProverbRemove away that black’ning church: Remove away that marriage hearse: Remove away that place of blood: You’ll quite remove the ancient curse. ____________________________________These were reflections on and reactions to Alan Watts' Behold the Spirit, wri … [Read more...]

The Craft Is Actually Hard Work, If You’re Serious

A Pagan Almanac for August 3 and 4, 2012Lunar Cycle: Days 6 and 7 of the Full MoonAthens: Hekatombaion 16 , “Federation Day": sacred to Aphrodite Pandemos (good day for the Great Rite), Peitho, Eirene Hekatombaion 17Martyred on August 3, 1429: Maria Rattingeren She died in our name. Let us remember hers. William Blake wrote:Love to faults is always blind, Always is to joy inclin’d, Lawles, wing’d & unconfin’d, And breaks all chains from every mind.Seceit to secrecy … [Read more...]