Aradia and the Books of the Sacred Marriage, which I have now released through the benefits of POD technology, is a novel in the form of nonfiction, woven from the fragments of information we have about historical Witches, and about the “Gnostic” and other varieties of Christianity that existed before the Council of Nicaea gave governmental power to the Roman church. It is one volume in a trilogy that will include The Road of Excess, in the form of autobiography,… Read more

It’s done. After 45 years of working on the materials that went into it, it’s done, published, and let go. Off my conscience. I put out a shorter version of it about 4 years ago; that was Goddess Murder. Recently I put a companion volume, using the rest of the materials, up on Amazon, titled The Books of the Sacred Marriage. As soon as I had, the Muse began whacking me about the head, saying, “No, integrate them into the… Read more

  I saw that splendor in the burning roses, the radiating trees on that day of ultracolors. We cannot know what alien sensations Our words blind us to, censoring our senses Down to the world we make by our beliefs, Always that sense of having seen the incomprehensible reality Behind the machinery that makes the world All but a few believe to be all there is.   I remember the haunted look in Natalie’s eyes, Returning home from the asylum… Read more

It has been quite a while since I posted on here. I’ve been busy writing, and the new book, like my others, is available on Amazon and as a Kindle e-book. The Books of the Sacred Marriage is very strange; it had to be. You will meet some strange people in it, especially people you thought you already knew all about. My poetry-writing mentor at San Francisco State, the late Mark Linenthal, once said, “If you take your writing out… Read more

My previous post on Patreon, proposing a journal to be called Mythopoiesis, was putting the cart before the horse. I was thinking about a book club, then thought it should have a monthly newsletter, then thought I could put my poems in it, then thought I could put subscribers’ poems in it, then thought we could have some radical essays in it . . . and that just got out of hand. The point is to have a Book Club,… Read more

Her freedom is our freedom. I believe that all human beings have a natural right to be whoever and whatever they choose to be. Our advantage as Americans is that that right is guaranteed for us by law. Those who deny that are on their way to join the dinosaurs. Read more

When I have fears that I may cease to be Before my pen has gleaned my teeming brain . . . At my back I always hear Time’s winged chariot, hurrying near.   I edited and published four issues of a journal by that name (to be accurate, the first two issues were called The Catholic Socialist Review) back in the mid-1980s, using the primitive technology of paper and the US mail. There was no way it could have been… Read more

In June of 1963, I wrote my first Goddess ritual, for the wedding of my dear friends Larry and Catherine Shaw. I had been planning to graduate from San Francisco State that month, but the administration ruled that my having only 27 transfer credits from UC Berkeley, not 30, meant that I had to take the 18 units of General Education courses that I had thought I could skip. That was too heavy a load for just one semester, I… Read more

Before anything came into being, the Mother alone existed, before the worlds in the heavens appeared, or the world that is the earth, or principality, or authority, or the powers. She brought forth everything, like a little child, like a drop from a spring, like a blossom from a vine, like a flower, like a plant in need of nourishment and growth and faultlessness. Read more

It is obvious that being white, male, strong, bright, and creative is unfair to all who lack those traits. So, in the interests of social justice, I will carry on the legacy of Dean Swift and Ayn Rand by offering a few modest proposals for rectifying such inequality. The most visible problem is that of skin color. If everyone were light brown, the average color for mankind in general, that would solve the problem. Paint or makeup would serve. Especially… Read more

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