Brass Crescent Awards

In a freak miscarriage of justice, Denmark’s recent travails…err, I mean…Akram’s Razor has won a Brass Crescent Award for the category of the blog "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition". 

Hey, I’m as surprised as you are.   

And, at the risk of being a ingrate, I’m a little ambivalent, as it makes me feel obligated to keep spewing propaganda and self-indulgent musings during the day rather than earning an honest living.  My first thought was quite honestly, "Oh no, now people are going to come to my blog expectating wit, insight, erudition, and/or good writing.  The first three are in terribly short supply, and I don’t have the energy for the last quality.   And now I’m going to have start spellchecking and proofreading the dang thing."

Seriously, though, thanks to everybody who voted for me.  I’m very flattered by this quite undeserved honor.

Congrats to the other winners, especially my better half

There were so many great blogs to choose from, though.  It’s a veritable embarassment of riches.

P.S. I still haven’t replaced Mjolnir (my dearly departed laptop) yet, so I’m quasi-incommunicado outside work hours these days.  Am reduced to emailing and blogging when Shabana steps out of the room. 

Perhaps this is a sign of my being truly maladjusted, but I’m finding being without a PC at home a torment worthy of Dante at his cruellest.  Give me a pit of boiling tar surrounded by pitchfork-wielding imps over this existence anytime.   Shoot, you can put me in Geryon’s mouth,  but give me back my Internet access.

And being reduced to writing things by hand–I’m finalizing some long overdue articles for a book project that I somehow talked my way into–is agonizing.     (My topics: Jihad, Democracy, Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia, and the Salafiyya Movement.  Nice easy topics, right?)    When I finish them I’ll probably riff a bit on the findings.

Aargh,  she’s coming back to the living room and I haven’t even checked Slashdot yet.  Curses!

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