Hell in a handbasket

First, Palestinian gunmen in Gaza raided an EU office demanding an
apology.  Then the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria were burnt
down.  Now, a Danish consulate in Lebanon has been set afire inspite of
water cannon and tear gas.  Iran’s officially boycotting Danish goods.  Fresh protests have broken out in India, Thailand and Malaysia.

And general consumer boycott of all things Danish n the Middle East shows no signs of waning.

I guess it was just a matter of time before people lost their lives.  The furor has now resulted in its first deaths during protests Afghanistan and Somalia.

We really seem to be heading to Hell (or perhaps Ragnarok) in a handbasket.

The moral of this story is simple:  This is what happens when a country’s political establishment endorses confrontation over dialogue in a small, interconnected world.  Things easily spin out of control.

There is some positive news, though: 

  • A group of Danish Muslims is organizing a vigil in Århus against the violence in the Middle East. 
  • Also, the Danish government is not only meeting with
    representatives of the Muslim community to reduce tensions inside the
  • Denmark is also opening a dialogue with the Organization of Islamic Countries.

Insha’Allah, these important gestures will get the message out that this has to stop. 

  • http://vonaurum.wordpress.com/ vonaurum

    Hopefully the dialogue will have a positive effect on people. People should keep a cool head when thinking about things that matter. It also helps if we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes before doing something.

  • http://omar.dgatto.com/ OmarG

    Svend, its enlightening to see how actual people in Denmark are reacting; it seems there is too much focus on events elsewhere where violence grabs most of the attention. Nevertheless, despite my abhorrence for the cartoons, we would be doing a disservice to ourselves to not recognize that Western fear of Muslims did not appear from thin air. Having large numbers of very foreign immigrants surging into a place would scare most people; having members of the same group detonating weapons in subway cars, hijacking aircraft and insisting on practicing customs of failed cultures (can I describe the endemic treatment of women any other way?) is even more scary, because they have the numbers and the willingness to intimidate the hosts. Of course, Europe has not acted rationally or morally in many cases. But, as visitors and immigrants, the burden should be on the them and not the everyday people of Europe, most of whom seem to rather not have thier cultures radically changed.