Mozaffar on “What is a Moderate Muslim?”

Touché, Monsieur le Pussycat!

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What is a Moderate Muslim?

I’m sick of this question.

The answer is simple. A “Moderate” Muslim is a Muslim who does one of two things, and only one of two things.

1- S/he supports the policies of his/her state’s government.

2- S/he is silent.

That’s supposedly a Moderate Muslim.

So, if you do not support a war in which the main casualties are innocent individuals, you are not a Moderate Muslim.

  • Abu Sinan

    Yes, if you are pro-Islam, do not denigrate Islam or feel inferior, you are an extremist. If you question your country’s foreign policy then you are an extremist as well.
    I have stopped paying attention to all of the Daniel Pipes wannabes out there. Those moderates that are out here, we know each other, and I dont need a racist or Islamophobe to define it for me.