Venit, vidit, vicit


Meant to crow about this earlier, but shabash, Shabana!  My better three quarters came, she saw, and she conquered.  And while 7 months pregnant.

Doctor Koonj has arrived, and academia will never be the same. 

Not only did she pass her PhD defense in Bloomington on Friday afternoon with flying colors–and inspite of my best efforts (I goofed and left a bag containing her presentation notes in our living room.)–but her advisors were so  enthusiastic about her dissertation (which is about Muslim American women and campus life) that they want to make it into a book.


  • vonaurum

    I have already passed on my congrats but I ‘ll say it again Congratulations!
    As Mr. Spock would say
    Mene Sakkhet Ur-Seveh’
    (Live long and prosper)

  • shabana

    And I did it all with you by my side.

  • svend

    Ooh, hadn’t thought of learning that phrase in Vulcan…
    Given that a baby’s on the way, I’d probably better focus on learning more Quranic surahs, though. There’s only so much mileage you can get out of the “Qul’s” without humiliating yourself… ;)

  • svend

    The real test of your geekhood, my maladjusted little friend, is whether you can recite “To Be or Not to Be” in the original Klingon! (I cannot, alas.)

  • Abu Sinan

    Congratulations you two! A PhD and a baby, what more could you ask for? Masha’Allah.