Comparing US Muslims to European Muslims

A very interesting article in The Economist.

Look out, Europe, they say

Why so many Muslims find it easier to be American than to feel European

  • Fadzilah

    Excellent link.
    On the flipside, here’s Slavoj Zizek’s take on Islam in Europe in the New York Times.

  • TM Lutas

    There is one glaring error in the economist piece. The US has no problem with muslims enforcing sharia so long as the enforcement is done exactly as all the other religious law codes are enforced in the US, nonviolently.
    The Catholic Church has a law system and courts that have been operating for a very long time in the US. The recognition has always been, and must remain, that the state has a monopoly on physical violence.
    Can Islam have nonviolent sharia? I’ve no idea, but if it can, it will fit into the established system of multiple law codes just fine.

  • silkworm

    Its sad that most of the western history reached into the hands of common men is written by biased people who loved to disfigure Islam to promote and enlarge Christianity in the eyes of genral public. While the truth is different, Islam has always kept its sword in the sheath, it was unsheathed when it was attacked or provoked.In the earlier ages of Islam, emisarries or delegations were sent to differnt countries with a message. It was a message to accept Islam, it was not a message “Accept Islam or face death”, while some nations and countries listened and had sympathetic attitude,some simply had disrespectful attitude and beheaded Moslem envoys heads.
    Yes, Islam and Moslems can co-exist with the west (and aren’t they doing it right now)and the only thing we have to keep in mind that when Moslems do not object to your half naked ladies, why do you have to object on our “covered” and decent ladies.