Lectures on Byzantine history

Have been enjoying a wonderful series of free MP3 lectures on the Byzantine Empire by Lars Brownworth of the Stony Brook School in New York.  They’re beautifully and accessibly narrated and flow like good stories.  Highly recommended. 

Dr. Brownworth has done an admirable public service.  I hope more scholars catch this bug!

  • http://propagandamachine.blogspot.com invadesoda

    Thanks for the tip on these MP3′s. I downloaded them all using DownThemAll download manager in Firefox and played them through my car. I agree that they flow like good stories.

  • http://akramsrazor.typepad.com svend

    Glad you liked them. Wish there were more stuff of this quality for free. If memory serves, they made several days of otherwise miserable packing and cleaning almost fun. My favorite fact is the anecdote about Emperor Diocletian saying he preferred growing potatos to running an empire.