The Miami Seven: Plot or Hoax?

City of Brass has an eye-opening update on the Miami Seven urban legend…err…"plot".  Okay, we’ve established that they weren’t Muslim, but now it turns out there’s no link to Al-Qaeda, and there wasn’t even a freakin’ bomb.

This is increasingly becoming a case study in media hysteria.   

City of Brass on "The Miami Seven":

Why haven’t I commented on the alleged home-grown terror plot by American muslims in cahoots with Al-Qaeda to destroy the Sears Tower? 

Well, they weren’t muslim, they weren’t in cahoots with Al-Qaeda, and they weren’t really interested in destroying the Sears Tower, they were just punks in a gang who were trying to scam for some cool swag. 

Read the indictment. The Al-Qaeda connection was actually an FBI agent – so any prosecution attempt is already tainted by entrapment. And notice what’s missing from the list of requested materials with which to bomb the Sears Tower? (hint: not much of a bomb threat without the bomb…)

The most interesting link is to the report on their focus on fancy uniforms (with boots mind you).  Sounds like a lot of the guys who frequent army navy stores.  They want to play soldier.

Perhaps my theory from yesterday that these clowns were basically playing gangster,  trying to live out juvenile maco fantasies, isn’t so farfetched after all.

As many Muslim charities can attest, the reality behind many of these breathless headlines is often so painfully mundane.

I shudder at this, the latest sign of the prejudice and ineptitude of the Keystone Cops  manning far too many of America’s ramparts.  Not to mention the spineless media that cravenly parrots their every word.

Update (2006-07-06): For all my posts on this topic, click on the category "The ‘Miami 7’ hoopla".

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