John Stewart on “The Miami Seven”

Here’s a side-splittingly funny and characteristically dead-on bit by Jon Stewart on "The Miami Seven"
As usual, I bemoan the fact that the best investigative journalism in the mainstream media seems to be being done by comedians.

Those with weak bladders are advised not to watch this.  You will soak yourself and everything around you.

Don’t you love all these glib phrases like "aspirational not operational".  In other words, they posed no threat whatsoever because they hadn’t acted or acquired the means to do anything.

As a consultant, the performance of the hapless FBI official whose job was to give Attorney General Gonzales’ overblown claims an air of reality reminded me of when you suddenly find yourself being grilled on a project that’s overdue.  He was doing some fast talkin’ and breaking out the technical-sounding mumbo jumbo to distract his questioners from the fact that he didn’t have diddly squat.  "Is the software ready to be released as scheduled?  No, but it’s been really well tested and its many bugs documented meticulously.  Once we fix those bugs we’ll be able to take off like a rocket.  Yes, sir, we’ll be moving at the speed of sound itself, like an ICBM…."

BTW, it appears that the biggest proof of their threat to America was the fact that they wanted to buy machine guns.  Heavens, who’d imagine such a thing in the Land of the NRA?  As I noted before, sounds a lot of run of the mill army/navy store patrons and gun nuts to me.  (Doesn’t every redblooded American man secretly yearn for an M16 of his own?)

Also, if these nincompoops’ efforts to procure a few small arms are a grave threat to America–Though like John Stewart I wonder how credible a threat an all-out assault against America by a couple of guys would have been.–what about reports that we don’t know what happened to over 200,000 machine guns shipped secretly by the Pentagon from Bosnia to Iraq in recent years? 

Isn’t this small potatos next to the dissapearance of the largest small arms shipment since World War II? 
Why isn’t the White House holding press conferences to report their success (or lack thereof) on that collosal threat to international stability?

Update (2006-07-06): For all my posts on this topic, click on the category "The ‘Miami 7’ hoopla".

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