More on Hitler’s fans in India

An Indian reader posted an intriguing comment on my post about anti-Semitism in contemporary India ("The latest thing in Bombay’s nightlife: Nazi dining!"):

I believe that India hosts highest number Hitler admirers in the world. Most Indians are either unaware of the crimes committed during WWII or they conveniently chose to ignore it. Most young students and even radical elder people have a fascination, admiration of Adolf Hitler. I try to find the pattern of certain sentiments (both anti-muslim and anti-reservation) in India at my blog- it is just an attempt:

His post on the topic is thought provoking. 

I was especially intrigued by his comments on the anti-"reservation" backlash among Brahmans, which reminds me of the phenomenon of White resentment against minorities in the US over their supposed "special treatment" under Affirmative Action. 

Judging by the continuing stranglehold by the three elite castes on the upper echelons of Indian society (e.g., the Indian media), these measures have had a marginal effect on Indian society.   Nonetheless, such legitimate measures taken to redress the legacy of institutionalized prejudice (in this case against Dalits and members of other "scheduled" castes)  are resented (and no doubt greatly exaggerated) by those who have the least cause or moral right to complain about the injustices of the system.

The author also discusses increasing prejudice against India’s Muslim minority, which as the bizarre alliance of Brahmans and Dalits in the Gujarat pogroms of 2002 shows is not limited to those at the top of the pecking order.

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