Washington Post on Salafism today

Washington Post on Salafism today September 6, 2006

The Washington Post ("For Conservative Muslims, Goal of Isolation a Challenge") has an interesting and wide ranging article on the state of Wahhabism among American Muslims.   

There’s a lot to comment on, but I’ll just note my exception to one claim:

The sense of beleaguerment among many Muslims in the Washington area is particularly strong among Salafis. "In the past, people would say, ‘I’m Salafi.’ Now, I never encounter people who say that," District resident and Muslim activist Svend White said. "It’s a combination of fear, anxiety and a real change in the community."

Where does she get this stuff?!? 😉

It’s funny how you never know what’ll make it into an article after you talk to a reporter.   Not my most profound or hardhitting observation, perhaps, but I’ll take it. 

Seriously, though, there are always things to quibble about in mainstream discussions of Islam, but given the intense politicization (not to mention dumbing down) of this highly complex topic by Islamophobes in the American media, any discussion of Wahhabism that is sober and takes into account the diversity of Muslims and the fact that they like everybody else evolve with the times is a major victory.

Still need to read the whole thing.  Will take a closer look later, insha’Allah.

Shabana has some thoughtful observations on the piece that are worth reading.

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