Ralph Peters: “Islam-haters” are the real 5th column

Do read Ralph Peters’ courageous declaration of war on the real cancer within the American body politic, empty-headed Islamophobia that passes off hatred and hysteria for patriotism and devotion to America’s ideals.  As he notes, these tunes have a very famliar ring to those aware of the discourse of anti-Semites and white supremacists in American history. 

It’s in The New York Post.  Will wonders never cease?

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  • http://profile.typekey.com/dbrutus/ TM Lutas

    Surely not “the” real cancer, though I’ll fully concede that it’s “a” real cancer. No country of 300M people has just one serious problem it has to deal with at any one time, certainly not the US with our certifiable bunch of loonies running around all sorts of fringes.
    There is nothing more credible than a liberal calling a radical leftist on his bs and nothing more than a conservative doing the same to the fringers on his extreme right. This is *exactly* what the rest of us expect from moderate Islam, do your share on your own nutballs. To the extent that it’s already happening, thank you.
    More please.

  • http://www.blogistan.co.uk/blog/ Yusuf Smith

    TM Lutas: we have in fact been doing the same for years. When al-Muhajiroun were telling Muslims not to vote, people were debating them in the Muslim press in the UK; when they were celebrating 9/11, people called them morons in the same press. The problem is that our press doesn’t have quite the same circulation, but it is there for anyone who cares to look.

  • http://abusinan.blogspot.com Abu Sinan

    It is interesting to note how similar the two are, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. As the conspiracy theory goes, they both want to rule the world, they both have tenticles that can influence ever sphere of the world. They have texts that show how they want to rule the world and by what means, and if all else fails and they cannot rule the world, they will most certainly then debauch your wives, daughters and sisters, and or kill your children.
    Interesting to note as well that people are calling for special registration cards for Muslims and for mass deportations.
    Given how much alike the two are, dont be surprised if push comes to shove that Muslims will refuses, in whatever way they can, to enter “displacement or internment camps.”
    Given the history of the last 100 years anyone who enters any such camp is an idiot. If there is one lesson that we have learned from the Holocaust and places like Sbrenecia is that once they lock you up all effective means of keeping yourself from being killed disappear.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/dbrutus/ TM Lutas

    Yusuf Smith – It’s not reasonable to expect Catholics to be up on what the Baptists are going on about internally. Sometimes it happens but it’s not common. It’s even less reasonable to expect it with Islam where the theology is much more at odds. In such a case, what happens is that we count bodies and incidents contrasting and comparing how well the other is doing with our own record.
    It seems, from this distant vantage, that Islam has a great deal of discipline trouble. The tools I would find familiar as a christian, excommunication, disfellowship, schism, anathema, do not seem to have islamic analogues, at least ones that moderate muslims might use against the radicals. The radical use of these sorts of tools in order to cast out moderates seems to be in full swing see: Taliban.
    But perhaps it is my simple ignorance on display of Islamic organization. So let me ask instead of assuming, what is the appropriate punishment when a muslim goes wrong by adopting too radical an interpretation, too harsh a practice? If a mullah goes mad (as currently seems the case with our own poor Archbishop Milingo) how do you keep the unwary away from going astray under his misguided tutelage? What is the appropriate muslim response when he sees rebellion against God (voluntary suicide by self-detonation) being packaged as the highest muslim calling?
    I understand that a non-hierarchical system like Islam must adapt different solutions than a hierarchical system like Catholicism should adopt. I do wish I knew what they were and why they haven’t seemed to be very effective over the course of the past several decades.