The Brass Crescent is setting

Time to cast your vote for the alt.muslim and City of Brass‘s 2006 Brass Crescent Awards. 

Time’s running out, so hop to it, beoble.

Unlike last year, this time around my blog didn’t make the cut, so this plug is a fairly disinterested one.  Given how dormant Akram’s Razor has been for much of the last year, I’m not surprised (or troubled) in the slightest by my omission.

But don’t count me completely.  They might come up with a new category at the 11th hour–like "Dullest 2nd Year" or "Biggest Disappointment Since Receiving an Award"–in which  Akram’s Razor would be an absolute shoo-in.

In all seriousness, it’s actually a bit of a relief, as this way I can merrily continue to blog about silly topics like Legos and toilet disasters. 

Shabana, however, is in the running (in two categories, "Best Blog" and "Best Female Blog"), as are a number of other friends and comrades from the Blogosphere.

The deadline for votes is December 4th.

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