The Quran a popular Christmas gift in Denmark this year

Am catching up on news from Denmark and came across an amusing report in the Danish daily Politiken ("Koranen bliver et hit under juletræet", or "The Quran a hit under the Christmas tree").

It reports that a new Danish translation of the Quran (by philosogist Ellen Wuff) was the surprise bestseller this Christmas.

In just one month, 5,000 copies were sold.  To give you a sense of perspective keep in mind that Denmark’s population is less than 6 million and that those sales represents 50% of the book’s first run. 

Half of them disappeared within a month.  It reached the #2 slot on the Danish non-fiction bestseller list within two weeks of publication.

Lest there be any doubt about the purpose of these purchases, the proof is in the packaging (my translation):

Bookstore manager Maja Nordholm from Arnold Busck in Odense believes that the Quran is high on many people’s wish lists.

"The overwhelming majority of the Qurans we’ve sold are Christmas gifts.  We known this because we’re gift-wrapping tons of them," she said.

The Jewish community is quite small in Denmark, so Channukah gifs are an unlikely explanation.  Unless a lot of Danes are giving Winter Solstice gifts, the juletide trend is pretty unmistakable.

For what it’s worth, I bought books at this shop when I lived in and biked around Odense over a decade ago.

This isn’t really all that surprising, of course.  Popular interest in (and conversions into) Islam spiked in America after 9/11.  After all this cartoon madness, many Danes understandably want to get a better understanding of this mysterious religion that’s becoming increasingly prominent in their society.

The irony is delicious, though, given all the attacks on Islam seen in Denmark lately.  Ho ho ho.  (Or is it "hoo hoo hoo"?) 

  • Abu Sinan

    Expect the number of converts in Denmark to rise now. For all of the damage terrorism does to Islam, when people start to read about the religion and learn, many also find merit in it and convert.
    Some good can come out of the bad I guess.
    I spent a fair amount of time in Denmark and Sweden and found the people to be fair, open, and good looking, lol.
    I found Copenhagen to be one of the few port cities I have even been in to be actually clean.
    I admit I also wore a Thors Hammer for a few years, a really nice big silver one, until I converted. Not for religious purposes, just because it was really nice.

  • history_lover

    Can we hope to get an overview of this danish translation of the Quran from your side ?

  • Steve

    Of course they are buying the Koran. They are sick of the Muslims there. Just like people bought Mein Kemp. To study the enemy. People are sick of Muslims coming into the west. Stay in Islamic countries where you belong.

  • The Sanity Inspector

    “…this mysterious religion that’s becoming increasingly prominent in their society.”
    That’s certainly a tactful way of putting it. Interest in Islam in Denmark was sparked not only by the Prophet cartoon riots. but by the attempted murder of a Danish government official. Muslims tried to burn his house down, with him and his family in it, after Muslims took offense at something he said. Sorry, I don’t remember the name, but it was recounted in Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying Europe From Within.

  • Sumair

    wow, thats kind of ironic. But i guess i can understand. if the danish people are really open minded, and they read the Qu’ran without prejudice, of course they’ll convert. As they say, the truth is hard to deny