Fundamentalists who wish people “Merry Christmas”

Every now and again you come across an exquisitely perfect illustration of how inane, biased and paranoid attitudes toward Muslims often are today.  Periodically, widespread doublestandards and neuroses about Islam and Muslims deconstruct before your very eyes.

One of my all time favorite examples of such moments of almost gnostic insight into the underlying nature of reality was when it was reported in 2004 that the Justice Department and FBI had determined that

out of 62 cases of "international terrorism" that New Jersey prosecutors claimed to have handled [in 2003], all but two involved Middle Eastern men who were accused of paying other people to take their English exams and who were not linked to terrorism in any way.

Anyway, check out Thabet’s skewering of British media reports about a "radical Muslim group".

These fearsome comrades in global jeehad are known for dastardly things like encouraging Muslims to "share in the joys of Christmas and New Year with Christian brothers and sisters". 

These zealots really sound like Osama bin Laden’s kind of people. || Dhummbo Watch

This "radical Muslim group"? Awami Tehrik, a party founded by Tahir ul-Qadri, a prominent Pakistani scholar, and also a founder of Minhaj ul-Qur’an. This group’s so radical, that it had a Merry Christmas Programme:

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