German conversions to Islam have quadrupled

While I’m acutely aware of the advantages of demographic growth–there’s strength in numbers, especially these days–I don’t obsess about dawah.  My attitude has always been that the best outreach is living your life openly and honorably as a Muslim. 

I think it’s undignified (and ineffective) to hawk something priceless door-to-door like a cheap trinket. 

Still, given the Eurabia-style bile that’s bubbling up all over Europe and the US these days, how can one as a Muslim not chuckle at the news that despite all the bad press conversions are dramatically up in Germany?  According to this article, the number of Germans embracing Islam has jumped by a factor of 4. [HT: SeekersDigest.]   

Incidentally, this sort of news must send a shiver down the scaly spines of Islamophobes.  Think about it.  Islam is stubbornly spreading at a time when hysteria is at an all-time high and Muslims’ shrillest critics are getting regular airtime in the MSM.

Muwahahaha!  [Cue creepy organ.]

Muslim Converts in Germany: Angst-Ridden Germans Look for Answers — And Find Them in the Koran – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News

The number of Germans who have converted to Islam has increased fourfold within one year — despite the negative perception of Islam among the general public.

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