Leader-Post: “Maher Arar is a victim of ‘immoral’ U.S. policy”

A particularly eye-opening example of the shameful embrace since 9/11 by "our" government under Bush Jr. and his malevolent pack of bumblers of nihilism and lawlessness. 

The most prominent evident target (and casualty) of the "war on terror" continues to be America’s crowning achievement, the Constitution.

Maher Arar is a victim of ‘immoral’ U.S. policy (Canada’s Leader-Post)

Maher Arar is Canada’s greatest contribution to what has become a worldwide battle to safeguard democratic principles and the rule of law. […]

He is both victim of the post-Sept. 11 weakening of protections designed to protect citizens from the blind fury of an enraged state and at the same time, champion of the struggle to reassert those safeguards’ rightful place at the centre of a sane world.


What happened to Arar is a cautionary tale: A nation that loses sight of its moral principles — the United States — is as capable of behaving monstrously as one that chooses to operate without any — Syria. 

If Syria was the Americans’ willing torturer, it was the U.S. that delivered Arar to its evil embrace, with expectations that he would be "interrogated." This is "extraordinary rendition," an Orwellian term that has failed to disguise an immoral practice of outsourcing torture to accommodating police states.

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