Leader-Post: “Maher Arar is a victim of ‘immoral’ U.S. policy”

A particularly eye-opening example of the shameful embrace since 9/11 by "our" government under Bush Jr. and his malevolent pack of bumblers of nihilism and lawlessness. 

The most prominent evident target (and casualty) of the "war on terror" continues to be America’s crowning achievement, the Constitution.

Maher Arar is a victim of ‘immoral’ U.S. policy (Canada’s Leader-Post)

Maher Arar is Canada’s greatest contribution to what has become a worldwide battle to safeguard democratic principles and the rule of law. [...]

He is both victim of the post-Sept. 11 weakening of protections designed to protect citizens from the blind fury of an enraged state and at the same time, champion of the struggle to reassert those safeguards’ rightful place at the centre of a sane world.


What happened to Arar is a cautionary tale: A nation that loses sight of its moral principles — the United States — is as capable of behaving monstrously as one that chooses to operate without any — Syria. 

If Syria was the Americans’ willing torturer, it was the U.S. that delivered Arar to its evil embrace, with expectations that he would be "interrogated." This is "extraordinary rendition," an Orwellian term that has failed to disguise an immoral practice of outsourcing torture to accommodating police states.

  • Isa

    Just a small clarification. That article is not from the Canada Leader-Post. There is as far as I know no such newspaper. It is from the Regina Leader Post which is from the capital of the province of Saskatchewan. I was born in Saskatchewan, so I know these little things.
    The Maher Arar case has been huge here in Canada however. There have been major repercussions since it all became public. Despite how sad the whole thing was and the negative press Canada got I am glad to know that I at least live in a country where we can accept, address, and deal with our failures.
    We will see if Mr. Arar ever gets his day in US court against those who actually deported him to Syria to be tortured.

  • http://akramsrazor.typepad.com Svend

    Thanks for the correction, Isa.
    I’ve long been envious of the Canadian media, which I think is a lot more open to debate than ours.
    It is certainly a travesty. These officials who made this outrageous decision should be subject to lawsuits. If Saudi Arabia and everybody’s grandmother can be sued for supposedly inciting 9/11 and other acts of terrorism, it should be possible to hold bureaucrats who knowingly sent a man to be tortured out accountable as well.