Mischief incarnate

Okay, I can’t take it no more.   Nazar shmazar…

Mischievous thoughts light up Raihana's eyes

But to the be on the safe side…

ما شاء الله

  • cheesoo

    mashaAllah, may she live a long, blessed and content life :)

  • http://shabanamir.com/koonj Koonj

    you picked one of the pics where she don’t look too pretty, so you must be nazar-fearful!

  • http://akramsrazor.typepad.com svend

    Actually, I think she looks adorable there, if a bit boyish.

  • http://www.lanterntorch.com Tavis

    This is just the beginning, bro. Wait until she starts talking. :-)

  • http://hangingodes.wordpress.com Abu Muhammad

    Masha’Allah she’s so cute. May Allah bless her and keep her healthy.