“The quackery of Dr. Wafa Sultan on Muslim church burnings” (Eteraz.org)

Just posted something on Eteraz.org on an example of Wafa Sultan’s palpable ignorance. 

Eteraz.org || The quackery of Dr. Wafa Sultan on Muslim church burnings

This quote culled from a vacuous Wall Street Journal writeup  [HT: The Jawa Report] of the so-called Summit of Secular Islam […] perfectly captures the ignorance, shallowness and in some cases bald mendacity of the "insider" critiques of Islam being peddled by the ex-Muslim dissidents increasingly championed by the far right as reformers.

Bret Stephens – "Islam’s Other Radicals" – WSJ.com:    

Radicalism, at least of a kind, is certainly what this summit provides via Wafa Sultan. Dr. Sultan, a Syrian-born psychiatrist now living in the U.S., came to widespread public attention last year after she debated a Sunni cleric on al-Jazeera. "Only Muslims defend their beliefs by burning down churches," she observed. The televised clip, translated by Memri, has been downloaded on YouTube more than a million times.

Really, Dr. Sultan?

What about the miscreants who tried to torch a pro-gay church  in Virginia in mid-2005 […]

[There’s more]

Will someone kindly explain to me how these lightweights and  polemicists are expected to diagnose Islam’s problems, much less lead Muslims to a reformation?

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