“The quackery of Dr. Wafa Sultan on Muslim church burnings” (Eteraz.org)

Just posted something on Eteraz.org on an example of Wafa Sultan’s palpable ignorance. 

Eteraz.org || The quackery of Dr. Wafa Sultan on Muslim church burnings

This quote culled from a vacuous Wall Street Journal writeup  [HT: The Jawa Report] of the so-called Summit of Secular Islam [...] perfectly captures the ignorance, shallowness and in some cases bald mendacity of the "insider" critiques of Islam being peddled by the ex-Muslim dissidents increasingly championed by the far right as reformers.

Bret Stephens – "Islam’s Other Radicals" – WSJ.com:    

Radicalism, at least of a kind, is certainly what this summit provides via Wafa Sultan. Dr. Sultan, a Syrian-born psychiatrist now living in the U.S., came to widespread public attention last year after she debated a Sunni cleric on al-Jazeera. "Only Muslims defend their beliefs by burning down churches," she observed. The televised clip, translated by Memri, has been downloaded on YouTube more than a million times.

Really, Dr. Sultan?

What about the miscreants who tried to torch a pro-gay church  in Virginia in mid-2005 [...]

[There's more]

Will someone kindly explain to me how these lightweights and  polemicists are expected to diagnose Islam’s problems, much less lead Muslims to a reformation?

  • http://realmofthesphinx.blogspot.com/ The Sphinx

    Hey there,
    just found your blog by island hopping through the blogsphere. Interesting stuff =)
    You’re right about people like Wafaa Sultan. Same with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the likes. I prefer to label them ‘attention whores’. People who like to present themselves in a very brave and rebel fashion, kissing up to their host countries and saying “Look here! We are the right ones, all the millions of other sheep we left behind us are stupid!”
    Probably a cheap and pathetic attempt to gain popularity in their new homes that they cherish so much. After all, who is more noble, more daring, yes more HEROIC than somebody who had dared to take this step and leave that oh-so-horrible-and-barbaric religion..
    But why am I ranting? Instead I should say “Good riddance”.
    Keep up the good work =)