Desi brides, non-desi grooms

There’s an article in Nirali Magazine called “The United Colors of Desi” on South Asian women who marry across racial lines.

Shabana is one of the women mentioned, and it includes a nice picture of the three of us, the taking of which required me to hunch over like Quasimodo.

  • SP

    Nice story – and your baby is precious, mashallah.

  • Abu Sinan

    Interesting stories. I think someone should do a book about the subject as there is a lot more to it.
    With my wife Manal she has a look where she could be Desi or Arab and we often get both Arabs and Desis looking at us trying to figure out what the deal is and whether this girl is one of “theirs” or not.
    I dont even really think about it anymore because we have been dealing with it for so long.

  • Nancy

    Nice! Thanks for the link.

  • Irving

    Nice article and great picture of Shabana/Esmarelda and you and gypsy baby girl :) Is ringing bells your day job?

  • reader

    Interesting read…thanks. I was struck by this line, however, “Among Asians, Indian American males were most likely to marry black women…”
    I have never seen this, and being part of the Desi community (as a non-Desi I should say) I have actually seen the opposite sentiments from Indian American men towards black women…hmph. I really wonder how they came up with that statement.