Using the Wikipedia model to fight Islamophobia

I posted a query on || An "Answering Islamophobia" Wiki?

I know there are a number of websites out there that counter myths and propaganda about Islam, but are there any that are any that facilitate Wiki-style decentralized collaboration?   I’m sure I’m not the only person here who has often found himself reinventing the wheel (not to mention wasting limited time) when responding to all these Islamobhopic canards that masquerade as common sense in the Blogosphere.

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  • Ulises

    ASA, Svend.
    I started OpenIslampedia ( a while ago, although it remains largely unused. Could be a suitable platform for what you are describing? The biggest challenge, of course, is creating a community of committed users.

  • J. Kactuz

    Yes, at last. Please!
    For about 4 years I have been trying to find an Islamic site that can/will tackle criticisms of Islam and Muslim behavior, topic by topic, point by point.
    I do not think, however, that the folks at Eteraz have any idea of the task you propose they do. It is not a “handful of subjects” but a wide range of very valid criticisms that covers
    1. Hundreds of passages in the Quran that promote hate and violence toward non-Muslims (not ‘supposedly’ promote)
    2. Countless actions of Islam’s prophet and his merry band of men, as narrated in the ahadith
    3. The many dubious deeds by Islam’s prophet from the very early biographies (also in the hadith).
    4. Modern Muslim attitudes about these three preceding items.
    5. The state of Islamic dominated societies and the role of Islam in these.
    6. Treatment of minorities and women in Islamic societies.
    7. Questions of logic relating to religion in general and Islam in particular
    8. Questions relating to the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims, particularly in the West.
    9. The relationship, if any, between modern terror and Islam.
    and so on… Of course, most of these items are interrelated.
    These are not trivial issues. We are talking about human rights, equality, freedom of speech and conscious, and most of all, truth.
    You should do this ‘wiki’ for your own sake and for all of us. Give it your best try. Being the pessimist I am, I doubt anything will come of it. I don’t even think you will even reach any consensus about what to address much less on how to respond – but I would love to be wrong.
    You know, if I weren’t so cynical, I would say you arabs are related to the darn (2 people, 3 opinions) jews. I still remember reading Josephus 50 years ago and marvelling at a people that would divide into three factions and fight/kill each other while Titus and his Roman Army encircled Jerusalem. As it they didn’t have any problems. I digress.
    Anyway, its late. I’m tired.
    Good luck on your project. Do it!
    PS: You can put me down as a ‘critic’ or ‘islamophobe’ or whatever. Like Scarlet, I don’t give a damn what you think of me or what words a person uses to describe my motives. I want answers – good, clear, logical answers backed by facts – about very important issues.
    I do try to research things, as you can see:
    Pss: You know, none of this would be necessary (explanations, arguments, defense of Islam, wikis, etc…) if Muslims just got along with others, treated all people well and neither preached hate nor committed acts of violence in the name of their religion. If that were the case, nobody would care about any of the nine items mentioned above.
    Wouldn’t that be easier?
    Go to bed, old man.

  • svend

    The standard tenditious litany of basic errors, decontextualized facts, and myopia.
    I have better things to do.
    As the Quran says, “Unto you, your judgment; unto me, mine.”
    THAT is a quote people like you never seem to pay any attention to.

  • reader

    here’s a small project that i’ve worked on in the past.
    there haven’t been any updates lately, though. you might want to contact the admin (on the main page) for more info if you’re interested.