The latest gem from Schizopher Hitchens on Islam

Got into a "What’s wrong with the ‘What’s wrong with Islam’-discussion"-discussion over on Jewcy, a Jewish community blog.

Progressive Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein of Tikkun Olam had rightly taken Christopher Hitchens to task for his latest bit of myopic sophistry on Islam–in this case, Hitchens claimed that the word "Islam" is not really related to "peace" because it involves , gasp, "peace through submission".  A petty, trivial point in the scheme of things, but with Muslims all mole hills are mountains, of course.

The usual zombies rose out of the muck to mock Silverstein as a "dhimmi" for daring to extend Islam the same courtesies accorded other religions, and I ended up breaking out a can of whoop-ass.

The exchange is fairly long and wide-ranging, and eventually elicited some thoughtful comments from people on the other side of the debate.

What Does Christopher Hitchens Know About Islam? |

  • ayesha

    i will take a look at the site, but i just have to say first, i love the fact that you have phrases like “myopic sophistry” and “a can of whoop-ass” in the same post. i really enjoy your writing :)
    hope all is well inshallah…

  • Purvis the Muslim

    Boy, reading those comments made me feel warm and fuzzy inside… there’s actually a blog post out there where people are disagreeing with each other without screaming at one another! (almost)