Religion Dispatches – “UK Muslims & the ‘War on Christmas’”

Have only written one piece so far, but I’m am now pleased to call myself a contributor to the interesting new progressive blog on religion Religion Dispatches

My first post is on the topic of "UK Muslims & the "War on Christmas":

and ironic news from the British front of the "War on Christmas." In
the UK, some seemingly unlikely champions for the Christmas spirit are
entering the lists. Muslims and Hindus are urging people not to throw
the Baby Jesus out with the Yuletide bathwater by needlessly
deemphasizing the holiday’s theological message.

I also opine therein about how ironic it is that the Christmas season should find itself defended by such inveterate Grinches, with their coldly individualistic, dog-eat-dog vision of government and social policy.

  • Yusuf Smith

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,
    The so-called war on Christmas is a right-wing press fabrication. Christmas is still being celebrated very publically; I can’t think of anywhere which has ever failed to put up Christmas lights. Every so often they make a fuss because some council jobsworth decides (or is said to have decided) that having a piggy-bank around would offend Muslims, but the usual culprit is the Daily Express, which specialises in inflammatory front pages (if it’s not “these Muslims/Gypsies/whoever again” it’s “Arctic Blast on its way – -15 degree cold and lots of snow” or something like that which never actually happens.
    One of the most common canards is that councils have referred to Christmas as “Winterval”, which is actually bunk; Winterval was a promotional campaign which ran for a longer period through winter, which did not prevent Christmas celebrations, and was to promote the newly refurbished shopping centre. Still, it’s been wheeled out every time people want to complain about a “war on Christmas”.

  • svend

    Salaams, Yusuf
    Thanks for the background. You describe a familiar pattern.

  • Yusuf Smith

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,
    You can find an article debunking all the “war on Christmas” stories here:,,1967367,00.html