Juan Cole on the Serbian attacks on the US embassy

Someone brought this kindred observation on the Serbian riots by Juan Cole to my attention.

The time stamp on his post is a day prior to mine, but I composed and emailed it to the editor a the day before its posting on Religion Dispatches, so perhaps there was a moment of ESP.

Informed Comment: Three Events that changed the World

Second, angry Serbs attacked the US embassy in Belgrade.

Note that Neoconservative pundits kept telling us that there was something deeply wrong with Muslims for protesting when they were kicked or expelled, saying that look, the Serbs have been harmed by US policies but they don’t go around attacking US embassies. I guess they’ll have to find a new argument.

And given that the Serbs are Eastern Orthodox Christians, will the Republican Party and Fox Cable News now start fulminating against “Christofascism?”