Remember, Children: Cthulhu Loathes You

Spent lunch yesterday locked in an impassioned debate about various questions of Star Trek dogma with a trekkie whose freakish mastery of Trek minutiae was worthy of the legendary Saturday Night Live send-up with William Shatner.  He was  citing episodes by name

We didn't see eye to eye much, and almost came to blows when he said Janeway was better than Sisko. But it was fun.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, geeks are actually where the party's at. They're eccentric, well informed and passionate. Forget the latest supermodel or dead philosopher. Were I neither a parent nor married, if had to go a desert island I'd want to bring the Lone Gunmen. (Assuming the island was big enough so that I could be upwind.)

Speaking of unrepentant geekery, just thought I'd share some t-shirts that brightened my day, being both a closet anarchist and an ardent H.P. Lovecraft fan.


Is it too late to get Cthulhu into the GOP debates? He'd add some much needed moderation.


The back side reads:

Cthulhu loathes me, this I know
For the Necronomicon tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong

(Sung presumably to this tune.)

Well, if you're a Lovecraft fan, it's funny…

From Far Out Shirts.

P.S. In a related note, one of my colleagues at school all but ran out of the room screaming when I, in response to her barging into the teaching assistant student bullpen and excitedly announcing "Guys, you MUST see this incredibly bad fight from Star Trek. It's the worst fight ever!",  instantly responded, "You mean Kirk vs. The Gorn?" I mean, that isn't common knowledge?

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