My piece on the Obama “apostasy” campaign

I have an article on the apostasy controversy at Religion Dispatches entitled "Who's smearing Obama?"

Here's the first paragraph:

It started when the Grey Lady ran an Op-Ed entitled “President Apostate?” on the 12th of May. The instantaneously controversial opinion piece by military historian and security analyst Edward N. Luttwak argued that, due to a technicality of Shari'a, Democratic nominee Barack Obama would be automatically and inexorably viewed as an infidel by Muslims everywhere, and thus targeted for elimination. President Obama’s ability to promote American interests abroad would, argued Luttwak, create a security nightmare in Muslim countries. The simplest response to this simplistic thesis (was the substance of the charge at all credible), as even radical conservative Daniel Pipes admitted six months ago, is that a nation has already been led by an ex-Muslim without any attendant diplomatic headaches or security problems to speak of.

Please let me know what you think.