An unexpected sight in the mosque bathroom

When I turned around after making wudu yesterday at the local mosque before juma, I almost fainted at the sight of something that seemed utterly alien. There was a laminated timetable hanging on the back of the door for meticulously tracking and documenting daily maintenance (with a bunch of categories like cleaning, supply re-stocking, mopping, …).

Such charts are pretty routine in the heavily trafficked facilities of fast food restaurants and government buildings, of course, but I don't think I've seen one in any house of worship before–not that I often find myself tending to calls of nature in churches, synagogues and the like–much less a mosque.

I don't know how many times over the years I've groaned upon discovering the paper towels to be out after really splashing it up at a mosque. Murphy's Law being what it is, whenever that happens the musalla seems to be in a deep freeze. (At the same time, I sympathize with mosque staff, who are almost always volunteers. It must be an expensive and nigh impossible mission to keep supplies stocked during juma with an army of people suddenly converging and abluting hurriedly before the service.)

Anyway, I was almost relieved that the chart hadn't been filled in at all. If a day comes when I see that sucker filled out hour by hour with categories dutifully checked off, I'm not sure if I'll be impressed or terrified.

  • Yakoub

    A few years ago now, one of my local mosques decided to install two hot air hand dryers in the wudu area. Then they got the electricity bill — and instantly disconnected them, but they remained on the wall for years, just to confound visitors.

  • svend

    That’s funny, but it must add up. I imagine few other other types of religious facilities have to deal with so many of their users washing up, and multiple times a day.

  • Bilal

    AMaaaazing the Muslims are moving up in the world

  • marryhalal

    “after really splashing it up…”
    So you’re the brother who floods the floor every Jum’a
    Hilarious post!

  • svend

    Thanks, MH. Well, depending on the mood I alternate between minimalist wiping and water fights with myself.
    Still, I think you have me confused with the Malaysian brother…
    BTW, your blog’s sure on an important and pressing topic. My wife blogged about this last year
    I think a lot folks (especially men) still have their heads in the sand about the dangers of marrying out of the community.

  • Sabiwabi

    Wall mounted cleaning charts? And they were actually being written upon?! OMG!
    ***heart failure***

  • svend

    No, not to my knowledge. That would be straight out of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

  • aym

    What if we stop parking outside of designated parking spaces? we’re working on it, slowly but surely.

  • Sabiwabi

    oops didn’t read the last line :/
    For get the horror movie. To the contrary, I would think a bright white sunbeam would be shining down upon it with choirs of angels singing its praises.
    They should get have it guilded in gold.