The prostitution capital of the Middle East takes a stand against adultery

Fabled fleshpot Dubai is prosecuting a British woman for cheating on her husband. Yes, I mean that Dubai. Yeah, the one that uses prostitution to draw tourism.

This sounds like something out of The Onion.

Briton Sally Antia faces prison in Dubai on adultery charge – Times Online

A British mother faces a year in prison after she admitted committing adultery in Dubai.

Sally Antia, 43, was arrested as she left a Dubai hotel with a man. Appearing in a court in Dubai on Sunday, she confessed to cheating on her husband and paying to fly her lover from Britain to the United Arab Emirates. The 44-year-old man denied the charge.

The pair had their passports confiscated. Mrs Antia, who had spent three weeks in police custody before the hearing, was denied bail.

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