Christians don’t “murder” & the Obama-the-Muslim conspiracy theory is back

Speaking of the way people interpret behavior based on their shared religious background (or lack thereof), Dan Mathewson has a sharp analysis in Religion Dispatches of the conspicuous absence of Christian faith from MSM analysis of the recent abortion doctor murder by a Pro Life fanatic. The title says it all: Muslims Murder, Christians Don’t: What Went Missing in Analysis of Tiller’s Executioner

While much of the media had no trouble detailing the religious commitment of the Muslim killer of an army recruiter, most profiles painted Scott Roeder as a right-wing, anti-government, anti-abortionist, with a prior arrest history and mental problems. His connection with extremist Christian groups, apparently, is irrelevant. […]

Also at RD, Hussein Rashid reports in "The Obama/Muslim Smear Strikes Again" how that transparent, repulsive old Manchurian Moslem conspiracy theory is still alive and kicking in the MSM. (A topic I wrote about once for Religion Dispatches, as well, in "Who's Smearing Obama?")

Man, Frank Gaffney just never ceases to nauseate.

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