Ilan Halimi’s murderer sentenced

In non-Robert Spencer related news, I just noticed that the "Muslim" murderer of French Jew Ilan Halimi has finally been convicted and sentenced, though it sounds like some of his accomplices unfortunately got off easy for some reason.  According to JTA's report:

The leader of the gang responsible for torturing and murdering a French Jew received the maximum sentence for a crime judges ruled anti-Semitic.

Youssouf Fofana was sentenced Friday to life in prison and 22 years without parole for organizing the gang kidnapping, torture and murder of Ilan Halimi in 2006.

The verdict is the most severe permitted under French law.

Awful crimes happen all the time, of course, but this attack in 2006 (which I blogged about at some length at the time) was truly horrific not only in its particulars but also the way that so many people in the gang's circle of friends and family seemed to be involved in the grisly, unholy satanic undertaking.

  • Geoff

    Indeed. One does wonder at the involvement of so many of the ringleader’s friends and family. It was almost as though there was a common thread uniting their hatred. I wonder what it could be?
    ” Ilan’s uncle, Rafi Halimi, reported that ‘the gang phoned the family on several occasions and made them listen to the recitation of verses from the Koran, while Ilan’s tortured screams could be heard in the background.’ ”
    Hmph. Nothing springs to mind. Perhaps it was just an error of geography.
    Best regards,

  • maghi85

    the story of the Quran verses being recited turned out to be false as confirmed by the family lawyer!!
    the gang was very diverse they had already tried to kidnap other non-jewish people as well..

  • svend

    Thanks! I haven’t followed the case closely since then, so I didn’t realize that particularly revolting detail was untrue. Even the early reports made it clear that they weren’t a “Muslim” gang and that their main motivation was money, not unlike most criminals.

  • Geoff

    Maghi85: I have heard nothing of a recant of this position by the family lawyer, nor did anything come up in a Google search. I would indeed be interested to see a link supporting your position.