The jewels of Ebru TV

Life has been conspiring to prevent me from blogging–or even sitting down to reflect, for that matter–lately, but those of you interested in Sufism will no doubt get a lot out of the rich variety of discussions with eminent scholars available on Ebru TV

The name means "paper marbling" in Turkish–I didn't know what that was, either–and the venture is an English language spin-off of the a popular religiously themed TV station in Turkey called Samanyolu ("Milky Way").

Ebru TV has a variety of programming. So far, I've only watched the "Matters of Faith", which has some wonderfully intelligent and refreshing discussions of Islamic spirituality and history with noted scholars like Cornel West, Valerie Hoffman, Omid Safi, and Jamal Elias (each of which warrants its own post).

Highly recommended.

As is often the case when I observe the Nurcus'  endeavors, I'm impressed.  These Turks are making the rest of us look like slackers. I wonder, how long till we start hearing complaints in the Islamosphere about the  pains joys of the Büyük ünlü uyumu? When it comes to Islamic movements, I think the world would benefit immensely from more Gülen and less Qutb or Maudoodi.

Update (2009-09-17): For an introduction to this important movement, see

"Fethullah Gulen and His Liberal 'Turkish Islam' Movement"
By Bulent Aras and Omer Caha
Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA)
Volume 4, No. 4 – December 2000

  • sabiwabi

    Thanks for the tip. I would love to get this channel…is it on satellite? Cable? If we were promised a least one channel with some enlightened material, we might indulge.
    BTW, paper marbeling is a very beautiful art and extremely easy to do. Funny enough, my first time trying it was at a Sufi Muslim retreat in NM back in 1996; at the famous, but now discontinued “Muslim Powwow”.


    I just stumbled upon Ebru this week myself. I’ve subscribed to the Fountain Magazine, which is heavily inspired by Gulen and there was an advert about Ebru in it. I haven’t had the chance to watch much of it, but I am busying myself with downloading the available shows.
    But I heartily agree your assessment of the world needing more Gulen than Qutb/Maudoodi. The people that have been nicest to me since I’ve became Muslim were a group of Turkish students; and they were also the most active on campus.

  • Farzaneh Sharifzad

    I’ve just found the TV chanel and found it excelent.The diologe betwen the religions make it marvelouse.Thank you and please keep your way.