The Pharoah’s reign is nearing its end

Man, this is a beautiful picture. Sic semper tyrranis. This man has been personally responsible for an incredible amount of torture, privation, corruption, and injustice in the Arab world's most populous and politically important nation.



Too bad the American government has been so slow to support the Egyptian people's valiant struggle for freedom, and too bad the "security" forces that Egypt's protesters face are not only infamous for their brutality but also armed to the teeth, courtesy of American taxpayers (e.g., many of the tear gas canisters being lobbed at peaceful protesters literally read "Made in the USA").

It's nice to have something to be proud of coming out of the Middle East for a change.  People from all walks of life are courageously standing up to injustice and tyranny, and in ways that confound a host of lazy Western stereotypes.

Perhaps Mubarak can move into Ben Ali's (no doubt luxurious) Saudi Arabian compound. Together, they could form the nucleus of an innovative new reality show, "Lifestyles of Deposed Middle Eastern Tyrants."

First, Tunisia's President for Life is sent packing, and now Egypt's iron-fisted Pharoah is fighting for his political survival. These are heady times, especially for somebody who was involved in efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East long before it became fashionable.

Pray for the scores of heroic Tunisian and Egyptian protesters from all walks of life who have died at the hands of their respective tyrant's thugs. May their sacrifice not be in vain (and may America and the international community wake up to their responsibililities and support freedom, rule of law, and the will of the people in the region for a change).

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