Rabbis speaking out against Islamophobia

These public statements are really inspiring.

If you're Muslim, please spread the word about this, too. Muslims need to know about the many Jews and members of other faith traditions (including none) who are taking a stand against this campaign of hate.

From Stand Together: Rabbis Speak out against Islamophobia (Rabbis for Human Rights), via Joshua Stanton at Tikkun Daily:

Ever since the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, hatred and discrimination against Muslim Americans has been growing. Over the past year, the rhetoric has only gotten louder and more violent. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects the freedoms of religion, speech, and assembly. These are also essential American values. Yet across the United States today, we see attempts to prevent the construction of mosques, laws outlawing Sharia law, and the vilification of our Muslim neighbors and friends as un-American. Jewish historical experience remembers that not too long ago, we too were the victims of suspicion and hatred based on our religion and ethnicity. The actions of the few should not condemn the many, and every religion has its teachings both of violence and of peace. Jewish tradition demands that we remember the heart of the stranger, because we were strangers in the land of Egypt. If one minority can be singled out for congressional hearings or restrictions on places of worship, anyone can be.

These are not American values. These are not Jewish values. It is time to Stand Together and speak out against Islamophobia.

RHR-NA is part of the growing chorus of interfaith voices speaking out against anti-Muslim bigotry. We believe that prejudice toward Muslims was a contributing factor that led to U.S. acceptance of torture. We have become a member of “Shoulder-to-Shoulder: Standing with American Muslims; Upholding American Values,” a coalition of 23 religious organizations that are engaged in efforts to end anti-Muslim bigotry.

Below are a series of videos from rabbis and rabbinical students explaining why Islamophobia is against Jewish values. We encourage you to watch them and to share them with your community. We also encourage you to create your own video and upload it to YouTube tagged “rabbisagainstislamophobia.” We want to hear from you in your own words why bigotry against Muslims is wrong.


And, since one good turn deserves another and because it's something that I think some Muslims would benefit greatly from, why not stage a comparable Muslim event?

We've all had to sit through our share of moronically anachronistic khutbas that paint the modern world as a struggle between "the Muslims" and "the Kufaar." As exaggerated and/or politically motivated as many of the hysterical claims of Islamophobes often are, that doesn't change how ignorant and intolerant the discourse of some Muslims–including some traditional scholars, it must be said–is when it comes to non-Muslims.

Rank and file Muslims need to be reminded that inclusive, peaceful worldviews exist among the ulema that are no less rooted in Islamic values.


  • Rich Carroll

    AP: Muslims Find Defending Themselves Exhausting
    There have been 16,936 deadly attacks by Islamic terrorists since 9-11. 80% of all terrorist convictions in the United States since 9-11 involved Islamic radicals. (Lets call them Muslims instead)
    But the state-run media believes the problem is not radical Islam… The problem is you.

  • http://akramsrazor.typepad.com svend

    Using what definition of terrorism? Against whom? Over what? Based on whose statistics? These kinds of vague, sensationalistic claims accomplish nothing, other than get people riled up (which is no doubt your goal).
    Assuming your 2nd figure is correct, how about the number of convictions for cases that weren’t the result of entrapment and active recruiting by shady convicts-turned-informants (e.g., in one case, a paranoid schizophrenic who had no history of involvement in politics was recruited–and only after a long period of badgering and offers of money by the informant–into an FBI-manufactured “terror plot”). There are undoubtedly would-be terrorists out there who need to be tracked and thwarted–there are serial killers, child molesters, crazy racist militias, and other threats to public safety, too, but we can’t obsess about them at every turn–but too many of these cases stink to high heaven and seem more concerned with generating headlines for the public’s consumption than keeping us safe or well informed about the risks that do exist.
    See Glenn Greenwald’s “The FBI successfully thwarts its own Terrorist plot,” for example.

  • http://akramsrazor.typepad.com svend

    As usual, the crucial issues are being dumbed down by Islamophobes.
    From http://www.fair.org/blog/2011/03/16/on-islamist-terrorism-wsj-entitled-to-its-own-opinions-but-not-its-own-facts:
    The vast majority of “homegrown” terrorist attackers–those of all ideologies who successfully carry out an attack–are not Muslim, the report finds: Of the “83 terrorist attacks in the United States between 9/11 and the end of 2009, only three…were clearly connected with the jihadist cause.” The other jihadist plots referred to by both the report and the WSJ were disrupted by authorities–quite often because those authorities themselves helped generate them.

  • http://www.cartoonmuhammad.com Cartoon M

    yaaay jews =D
    I went to the “Today I Am a Muslim Too” rally in times square to protest Peter King’s hearings and I was amazed that at least 1/3 of the participants were non-muslim. I used to think us Muslims were alone in this, but I’m glad I was wong.