Podcasts for health and profit

I periodically whine about the baleful consequences of my longish commute from the employmentally arid wilds of central Oklahoma—Stillwater, if you must know—to the more professionally fertile environs of Oklahoma City. It’s been a major factor in the infrequency with which I blog. And it’s gotten worse, as I’m now commuting for the time being even farther, south of OKC to Norman. Sigh…

But a nice benefit of this situation is that I listen to a lot of enlightening podcasts from alternative media during my commute.

I’’m going to try to start sharing good podcasts, both because of their inherent value and because these outfits often provide simply correctives to the consistently near-worthless “debate” of the MSM about the biggest issues facing us.

So I want to promote these broadcasts, and I hope you will too.