On the likelihood of mistaking a pile of kale for a chicken sandwich

A disturbing example of a small business getting sued by a corporate giant over ridiculous trademark infringement claims, and by a company that prides itself on being in touch with family town values.

They cease operations on the Sabbath–Chick-fil-A proudly advertizes its policy of closing on Sundays for religious reasons–but go for the jugular against, as Anderson Cooper cleverly sums it up, "a little guy with a squeegee."

So, I guess all the companies, organizations and church groups that spoof the iconic "Got Milk?" ad campaign are to be sued, too?

How many people even know what kale is, anyway? I think I've encountered it a half dozen times in my life.

  • Mohammed Iqbal

    Capitalism’s last throes before its death. Marx may have been right, after all, when he observed that Capitalism sows its own seeds of destruction.

  • http://akramsrazor.typepad.com svend

    I doubt that, but I certainly hope that the bastardized feudalistic form that much of the GOP (and much of the Democratic Party) champions today is on its last legs. As far as I’m concerned, the problem isn’t Capitalism, but our debased political culture, where government policy is on sale to the highest bidder. The real problem is government abdicating its responsibility to do the barest minimum to protect the common good (whether from forest fires or foreign invasions, or from power grabs by oligarchs looking to strip fundamental human rights from all but themselves).

  • http://www.masterofthejinn.com Irving

    “Its not personal, its just business.” – Don Corleone