New investigative report on H. Rap Brown

The digital news outlet that serves American Muslims Illume has just published an exhaustive and thought-provoking investigative report by Obaid H. Siddiqui on the disturbing case of Imam Jamil Al-Amin (a.k.a. H. Rap Brown). It chronicles the persecution of this civil rights icon, now imprisoned.

The procedural irregularities and demonstrated bias by the authorities during his trial and incarceration remind me of the internationally acclaimed political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. Something’s fishy about this.

Rap Sheet: H. Rap Brown, Civil Rights Revolutionary – Cop Killer Or FBI Target?

It’s a magisterial write-up, and it reminds me why I need to be subscribed to follow this path-breaking Muslim outlet. Please check it out.

P.S. See the author’s explanation on Patheos of why he wrote this piece, too.




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