Amitabh Pal on nonviolence in Islam

Listened to a very stimulating interview from a year or so ago with The Progressive Managing Editor Amitabh Pal on his book,“Islam” Means Peace: Understanding the Muslim Principle of Nonviolence Today. The interview touches on a variety of countervailing evidence to the customary assumption that Islam and Muslims are intrinsically predisposed towards violence–unlike, ahem, the wide-eyed pacifists that populate American society–so the book looks really promising.
Amitabh Pal interview on The Progressive podcast:

My guest this week is Amitabh Pal, Managing Editor of The Progressive and author of “Islam Means Peace. “

As always, my breath is taken away by the story of “The Frontier Gandhi,” Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, whose incredible commitment to nonviolence arose entirely out his reading of the Quran and Sunnah. A YouTube clip promoting on a new documentary on this amazing figure:

Update: Corrected the YouTube link, which was incorrect.

  • TMLutas

    I think it is a mistake to believe that a significant number of americans hold the idea that all muslims are predisposed to violence. I think it much more plausible that they think that non-violent muslims are doing poorly at controlling their violent subgroups, first of all from killing peaceful muslims, and then moving on to outsiders like me. What is it, 90% +/- of Al Queda’s body count is other muslims? If you were all violent, Al Queda would not have been able to survive with such statistics. Muslim survivors would have banded together to kill them and would have the detailed knowledge necessary to identify them where they hid.

    I think that for a great many americans, the fact that so many muslims have responded peacefully and not killed off Al Queda yourselves is a source of resentment. That does not leave muslims in any more comfortable a spot, but understanding the true source of resentment should help you fashion a more appropriate response.

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