Amitabh Pal on nonviolence in Islam

Listened to a very stimulating interview from a year or so ago with The Progressive Managing Editor Amitabh Pal on his book,“Islam” Means Peace: Understanding the Muslim Principle of Nonviolence Today. The interview touches on a variety of countervailing evidence to the customary assumption that Islam and Muslims are intrinsically predisposed towards violence–unlike, ahem, the wide-eyed pacifists that populate American society–so the book looks really promising.
Amitabh Pal interview on The Progressive podcast:

My guest this week is Amitabh Pal, Managing Editor of The Progressive and author of “Islam Means Peace. “

As always, my breath is taken away by the story of “The Frontier Gandhi,” Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, whose incredible commitment to nonviolence arose entirely out his reading of the Quran and Sunnah. A YouTube clip promoting on a new documentary on this amazing figure:

Update: Corrected the YouTube link, which was incorrect.