Greetings from Lahore, where I and the family are currently visiting in-laws and trying to stay hydrated. I’m happy to report that Publishers Weekly has a starred review of the book I recently contributed to, “All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim.” The review: All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim Edited by Wajahat Ali & Zahra T. Suratwala. White Cloud (PGW, dist.), $16.95 trade paper (238p) ISBN 978-1-935952-59-6 This latest volume in the I Speak for Myself series offers… Read more

Get a load of this piercing insight into constitutional law by phony-ex-extremist-Muslim-of-the-month Kaleem Saleem. Roe vs. Wade is, ahem, part of the liberal conspiracy to impose Islamic law on America! (more…) Read more

Writing in The Christian Science Monitor today, Dan Murphy heaped skepticism on the bizarre sex-with-your-dead-wife story that spread like wildfire yesterday, with my blog being no exception. As he points out, in terms of bizarreness, titillation and dovetailing with stereotypes this tale does seem too “good” to be true. He writes: It was soon mentioned in an English language version of Al-Arabiya and immediately started zipping around social-networking sites. By this afternoon it had set news sites and the rest… Read more

Update (26 April 2012): Actually, on further reflection, this story probably is bogus. Granted, sex is part of life and there’s nothing wrong or weird about a jurist discussing its various permutations frankly, but, honestly, is this a big problem that needed to be addressed? From “Egypt’s women urge MPs not to pass early marriage, sex-after-death laws: report” (The Onion Al Arabiya News, 4/25/2012): Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) has appealed to the Islamist-dominated parliament not to approve two… Read more

There’s a new website for the anthology of reflections on being a Muslim man in America that I’ve mentioned before and to which I contributed an essay. Its contributors section currently has a short bio and picture of moi, for any interested. It’s quite an interesting mix of guys.   Read more

There’s a great piece on exploring the sad overlap between the worldview of Norway’s mad Islamophobe murderer Anders Breivik and the thinking of significant swathes of political life in Western countries today, especially on the Right. His mindset and hate are hardly unheard-of in these polarized times. Oxford historian Tim Stanley makes many good points. The one you ear least often but which I think in a lot of ways is the most important concerns the very recent vintage of… Read more

I just posted something new on Tikkun Daily.   Read more

There’s a very interesting essay on Malcolm X in the conservative Claremont Review of Books. Among other things, it gives you a taste of the political and cultural milieu from which Malcolm X emerged. There’s much to comment on, of course, but I was most struck by the examples provided of his and Elijah Muhammad’s tactical cooperation with none other than the Ku Klux Klan. For all their vast differences, the Klan and the Nation of Islam shared a vital… Read more

As a Muslim, I find it hard to put to words how obscene and revolting this report is. According to reports in the media, an elderly woman in a UK senior home may have died due to a delay in receiving medical treatment caused by a Muslim nurse who refused to tend to her until after he finished praying. From The Telegraph: Alzheimer’s sufferer Dorothy Griffiths, 87, was found sitting down after staff heard a bang and a carer went… Read more

After a very long hiatus, I finally posted something new on Tikkun Daily. Read more

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